Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Marriage Amendment Debate Panel - Photos

It was a good turn-out overall. There were more people there with blue and orange shirts (Fair Wisconsin), led of course by Sarah Cotton (I just wanted to go up to her and tear that collar off her shirt – I absolutely cannot stand popped collars), but more on the trained seals later.

Professor Rick Esenberg and Professor Wolfe (easily the smartest man alive)

The Tonight Show host Jay Leno … I mean, Scott Moss (he came off as extremely cocky and was making way too many jokes or sarcastic remarks for a debate that was meant to be serious in nature) and tin-foil hat-wearing Mike Tate who warns students to beware of the religious zealot hiding behind the curtain. Time to up the medication, Mike.

Former MUCR chairman (and menace to Marquette University) Brandon Henak made an appearance at last night’s debate panel and was the first one to ask a question directed at the panel.

I truly felt sorry for this woman but I am proud she took it in stride. The opponents of the Marriage Amendment (Scott Moss and Mike Tate) totally misconstrued what she said and twisted it so as to make her come off as a homosexual bigot which was nowhere near what she said to begin with. Then of course you had Sarah Cotton and her band of Kool-Aid drinking Fair Wisconsin followers acting inappropriately, applauding after Moss and Tate viciously attacked this woman, and responded like a pack of trained seals. Shameless. Absolutely shameless.

Bottom-line, Mike Tate and Scott Moss were an embarrassment. They whined and complained about how proponents of the marriage amendment were using children as emotional leverage to pass the amendment yet at the same time using emotional-filled arguments themselves to make false accusations against the amendment and proponents of it. They felt like a broken record, making the same arguments over and over again (for example, rights and benefits being taken away from gays and lesbians) when they had already been answered by Dr. Wolfe and Professor Esenberg. That last student (a Fair Wisconsin member, of course) should be slapped for asking such a dumb question (you never answered what benefits and rights would be taken away … none, you moron, weren’t you listening). Then of course you have Mike Tate, tin-foil hat and all, up there making wild allegations that the whole ‘marriage’ issue was a cover by the vast right-wing conspiracy to pursue a discrimination agenda against homosexuals in spite of evidence in twenty other states who passed almost the exact same amendment proving just the opposite. Can I assume that Mr. Tate also believes that September 11th was an inside job? I think its time Mike Tate be put into his straight-jacket now.


Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on October 29th, 2006

NEW Vote Yes Advertisement

I agree with Charlie Sykes that this advertisement, particularly after the emotional panel debate last night at Marquette University, is playing right into the hands of the pro-gay marriage lobby in suggesting an atmosphere of gay/lesbian discrimination. While I believe that children are part of the basis of reasoning in support of the amendment, the use of them in television advertisements plays to emotions and shouldn’t be used in this campaign, no matter how late in the race.

Doyle Rap Sheet

If you are still undecided as to whom you will vote for as governor of Wisconsin next week and are concerned with the issue of ethics inside government then be sure to check out the Doyle Rap Sheet.

NEW JB Van Hollen Advertisement - Sleazy Falk

Monday, October 30, 2006

GSA and Fair Wisconsin ... What's the Difference?

On the eve of the Marriage Amendment panel, Sarah Cotton has once again sent me an e-mail message.

I swear this is the last time …

She states, “I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that the literature that is being handed out on Wisconsin Avenue is actually not at all associated with Students for a Fair Wisconsin. Anything can be handed out on public property, as is how the Warrior distributes their papers. Any chalking found on public property also follows those same conditions - not done by Students for a Fair Wisconsin”.

That’s funny actually because the piece of literature they were handing out, which I have in my hand at this very moment, has your name on it, complete with your Fair Wisconsin e-mail address, and the website address for Fair Wisconsin. It even says “Paid for by Fair Wisconsin Committee”. I find it rather hard to believe that someone independently designed and printed these pamphlets up and started handed them out to students on a whim. But if that were true, highly unlikely, then why is your name on it?! There is just no way of getting around that issue.

Please note that never once did I say what Fair Wisconsin (or who ever it was) was doing anything illegal. What I said was that they were publicly deceiving students less informed about the marriage amendment issue with a deliberately misleading statement and I was correcting it. Notice how Sarah Cotton tries to shift the focus of the debate away from herself and Fair Wisconsin deceiving the student body to an issue of legitimacy in handing out literature. Oh, and clever insert of ‘The Warrior’ to make your point all the more liberal. I have my issues with ‘The Warrior’ as well but that’s a different story.

Fair Wisconsin was placing chalk ads around campus way before they were approved by the Office of Student Development (which if they approved Fair Wisconsin, a clearly partisan organization then they better not hesitate to approve Students for Academic Freedom or else there will be Hell to pay … and believe me when I say that ‘Lady MacBeth’ OSD has enough on its hands already). One chalk advertisement in particular was made infamous because it appeared right outside the doors of Gesu Church. If it’s not Fair Wisconsin then it’s the Gay/Straight Alliance doing their dirty work for them. Regardless, it all returns to the same source … Fair Wisconsin.

She also states, “Law in the state of WI does define marriage as between a husband and a wife”. Yes, that is true but that does not necessarily make gay marriage is this state illegal. If Wisconsin state law already states gay marriage is illegal then why are gay/lesbian organizations like Fair Wisconsin and others so intently focused on Wisconsin in the first place? If gay marriage is already illegal then what harm does the amendment do to re-enforce that statement? Gay marriage advocate groups like Fair Wisconsin are arguing what defines a husband and a wife. That is what the amendment is for. It defines marriage strictly as between a man and a woman, end of story.

Oh, certainly if Peg “Gug, gug, gug” Lautenschlagger says it then it must be true. I think the fact that she lost her incumbency to a member of her own party in the primary race is evidence enough to show how much even the Democrats trust her view of the law.

She then finishes with the positively ludricious line, “I would appreciate you contacting me personally before publicly defacing my name”. Yes, mother! How stuck up can a person get?! I already believed she was high on herself when she put in her first e-mail message to me “Sarah Cotton – student. advocate. traveler. dreamer” but this pretty much confirms it. Sarah, I don’t need your permission or anyone else’s permission to post whatever I decide to on this site. The truth will set you free. If what I am saying is a lie then you should have no problem defending yourself. Obviously I have struck a nerve if you found this post damaging to your reputation (personally, from talking to others, you’re doing a fine job ruining your own credibility, thank you).

Barrack Obama Coming to Marquette University Tomorrow

UPDATE - It seems as though I spoke too soon, although I was quite late in announcing it on this site. Barrack Obama cancelled at the last minute and will not be making an appearance at Marquette University this afternoon.

I am going to come out right now and essentially confirm the rumors that, yes, Senator Barrack ‘Osama’ Obama of Illinois, the ‘rock god’ of the mainstream media, will be dropping by Marquette University tomorrow afternoon for a ninety-minute Q & A session with some political science classes. So what’s the bright side to all of this? I get a free book out of this and there is the possibility that Sean Hannity may show up later in the year as a counterpoint to the liberal politician. That’s all I am willing to reveal right now. I will however provide information and pictures from tomorrow’s event here.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Marriage Amendment Panel Tomorrow Night

Just a reminder, the Marquette University College Republican/College Democrat sponsored 2006 Election Debate: The Purposed Marriage and Civil Unions Amendment panel will be held in the Weasler Auditorium (right next to the Union) on the Marquette University campus tomorrow evening at 8pm (it is expected to conclude at around 9:30pm).

Attend and be informed before you vote on November 7th.

Sarah Cotton Response

Sarah Cotton has just e-mailed me expressing her ‘dismay’ that I would publicly call her a liar. First off, no body should be all that shocked to see me call somebody anything, least of all a liar, on this site as the site’s past history has indicated. Secondly, I find it hard to believe this is the first time someone has called Sarah Cotton a liar, or anything else insinuating for that matter.

She even lies in her e-mail message. She states, “a majority of what you wrote was incorrect facts (mainly, that Students for a Fair Wisconsin was handing out literature in front of the library)”. Excuse me but I have the piece of paper they were handing out to students in front of Raynor Library. I was there. So were several other students who could probably verify exactly what I have said.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The 300 Million Milestone

It's the Great October Surprise, Charlie Brown

Michael J. Fox Admits to Not Taking His Medication

The following is an excerpt from Michael J. Fox’s autobiography ‘Lucky Man’ in which he admits to deliberately going off his medication when he appeared under oath before Congress …

“Snippets of my testimony were featured on several of the nightly news broadcasts. One line in particular from my prepared statement got a lot of play: "In my forties, I can expect challenges most people wouldn't face until their seventies and eighties, if ever. But with your help, if we all do everything we can to eradicate this disease, when I'm in my fifties I'll be dancing at my children's weddings." I had made a deliberate choice to appear before the subcommittee without medication. It seemed to me that this occasion demanded that my testimony about the effects of the disease, and the urgency we as a community were feeling, be seen as well as heard. For people who had never observed me in this kind of shape, the transformation must have been startling”
And here is a clip from Inside Edition which features a snippet of the Diana Sawyer interview with Michael J. Fox where he admits to not taking his medication before certain public appearances.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Michael J. Fox Controversy

Here is the original advertisement with Michael J. Fox either play-acting or off his medications (in which case he is a danger to himself as well as others) …

GOP3.com has directed us to a response advertisement featuring Jim Caviezel, Kurt Warner, and Patricia Heaton …

I could go on all day about this issue that adult stem cells have produced more cures then embryonic stem cells (which have produced none) and that the Democratic Party as Brian Collar correctively noted has essentially become the Third Reich in their selective destruction of human life to further their political agenda but I have a lot of things to do. That and I’ll likely be discussing this issue, as well as others, when I write an editorial for the Marquette Tribune next week to sum up what this state is facing in this year’s election and why students should vote for Mark Green instead of ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle. In the meantime, visit Life Issues which breaks down the arguments in the debate over adult and embryonic stem cell research.

The Simpsons Halloween Special Criticizes Iraq War

I think it is safe to say that I am not alone in arguing that The Simpsons have outworn their stay on network television. I believe it was the ‘Who Shot Mr. Burns?’ episode(s) which clearly showed the long-running animated series had indeed ‘jumped the shark’ and demonstrated the ever declining quality of the program. And yet, in spite of this apparent fact, the show has continued. The number of guest-stars the show has employed each season has increased dramatically since the first season and now with FOX Broadcasting promoting the latest episode solely on who is guest-starring it has lost its purpose.

Hell, even the Halloween specials they run each year have run out of material. What do parodies of ‘Fantastic Voyage’, ‘Harry Potter’, and ‘A.I.: Artificial Intelligence’ have to do with Halloween? I bring this up because in the latest Treehouse of Horror episode (the sixteenth installment) the final segment in the episode entitled ‘The Day the Earth Looked Stupid’ takes a stab at the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. According to Radar Online, the segment features “aliens [who] invade Springfield to prevent mankind from obtaining ‘weapons of mass disintegration,’ but their mission, called ‘Operation Enduring Occupation,’ turns into a quagmire”. Script lines include “You said we would be greeted as liberators!" and “This sure is a lot like Iraq will be” (this one, producers claim, may not make it to broadcast). Producer Al Jean defends the segment saying, “I think we're expressing a viewpoint 69 percent of the country agrees with". I have contentions with that statement but I digress.

Should The Simpsons be allowed to say such things? Yes, they have a right to free speech as much as the rest of us. I do believe however that this is ‘comforting and abating the enemy’, a clear act of treason, but I doubt such charges would ever realistically be pressed against them. At the very least the producers of the program could be a little bit more creative and less ‘on the nose’ about their politics, toning down the in-your-face nature of it. But as I’ve said the declining quality of the program has me doubting this will ever happen.

Why Wisconsin Businesses Should Not Support Doyle

The Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has once again provided us a reason why Wisconsin businesses should not support incumbent Governor Jim Doyle this November.

And if you needed even further reason to despise the scandal-ridden administration of ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle, here is a lengthy list of reasons why he should not be re-elected to the highest office in the state of Wisconsin come election day.

Trailer for 24: Day Six Available Online

Yes, I beat Brian Collar to it! He’s probably one of the few people I know more obsessed about the series then I am. FOX Broadcasting has posted the trailer for the season premiere of 24: Day Six online and is available for your viewing pleasure.

The NEW David Zucker 'Tax Man' Advertisement

Monday, October 23, 2006

Take the Election 2006 Quiz

If you are still undecided as to whom you are going to vote for as governor of Wisconsin in this year’s election (two weeks away as of tomorrow), please take the following online quiz and decide now.

Sarah Cotton and Fair Wisconsin Spread Lies on MU Campus

Sarah Cotton and the Marquette University Fair Wisconsin student organization (yes, at a private institution, I am not joking – blame the idiots at the Office of Student Development for this blunder) are spreading lies on campus and openly deceiving students not fully informed about the proposed ban on gay marriage in Wisconsin, as if that’s a surprise.

According to the hand-out Sarah Cotton and her band of wacked-out liberal cronies are giving students outside the Raynor Library as I am typing this (noon on October 23rd, 2006) it makes the following statement: “But gay marriage is already illegal in WI … … … .. This amendment takes things too far”. That is a flat-out lie! A 50-state rundown on gay marriage laws in the United States shows that “No DOMA, but state supreme court ruling and Attorney's General opinion held that only heterosexual marriages are legal”. And, as we have clearly seen in Massachusetts, that without this amendment Wisconsin is “just one lawsuit and one judge’s vote away from becoming another Massachusetts or Vermont”.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

WMC Advertisement Criticizes Doyle

The Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has just launched a brand new television advertisement criticizing Governor Jim Doyle’s vetoes of critically needed reform bills designed to help the Wisconsin business community.

South Park Parodies Teacher/Student Sex Scandals

The latest episode of South Park entitled ‘Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy’ took on the recent development of young female teachers such as Debra Lafave, Mary Kay Letourneau, and Pamela Rogers Turner having sexual relations with their male students and the contradictional view of the media and society in comparison to male teachers accused of sexual relations with their female students. It also parodies the reality series ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ with Cartman dressed up like Dog in his role as the school’s hall monitor.

Randy: [shows up next to Jimbo and Ned] What's goin' on?

Jimbo: The kindergarten teacher is suspected of having sex with a student

Randy: With a student? But... she's a woman.

Jimbo: Yeah. I know.

Randy: But... she's hot.
Reporter: Tom, an elementary school teacher is under arrest for allegedly having an affair... with one of her young students. The case is shocking, due mostly to the fact that the teacher... is pretty hot, Tom. If the accusations are true, then... damn!

It also makes note of the fact that rehabilitation centers are literally revolving doors with many people entering and leaving and that people refuse to take responsibility for their actions (the teacher in this episode uses the ‘Mel Gibson’ excuse, in other words alcoholism) and blame others for their problems.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Powerful Anti-Terror Advertisement

Marquette University Makes the Political Grapevine

Marquette University made Brit Hume’s The Grapevine today (Hat Tip: Marquette Warrior), but not in a good way. I am of course referring to the doctorial student who was silenced by the university’s philosophy department for his use of free speech. Geez, how thick are the heads of Marquette University officials that we have to keep going over this issue again and again. Seriously, we are starting to sound like a broken record here. This is not the sort of national press coverage this university needs.

JB Van Hollen's New Campaign Advertisement

I love how his campaign is using YouTube for his campaign advertisements. So much easier to post in blog posts.

The Democratic Plan Revealed

Alright, here’s the story so far if you haven’t been paying attention …

A document entitled Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee Plan came to light this afternoon after having been left inside a copying machine in the state capital (most likely by Senator Mark Miller … but more of that later). It reveals that Progressive Majority Wisconsin, a supposedly non-partisan independent group (sure, just like Fair Wisconsin is I suppose … oh wait, they’re one of PMW’s allies), is working hand-in-hand with the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee to smear Republican candidates.

It’s every rat for himself I’m afraid. John W. Lehman who the document reveals would be given one-hundred thousand dollars by the WSSDC has denied any connections whatsoever with PMW. At the same time however lawyers for PMW are contacting conservative talk show hosts (there is a message on Charlie Sykes’ website and one lawyer called into Mark Belling’s radio talk show this afternoon) indicating that what they are doing is entirely legal under Wisconsin state law. Then why is John Lehman so vehement in his denial of any connections with PMW?

Oh, then there’s Senator Mark Miller’s lame-ass excuse meant to distract the public from the real issue, a rather cliché liberal tactic really.

Get this …

“Earlier this year, in my rush to get out of a meeting outside the State Capitol and return to work in the building, I inadvertently grabbed a binder belonging to Matt Swenkofske, director of SSDC. His binder was identical to my own”
So either he’s lying or he’s an idiot.

Let me get this straight here … Miller wants us to believe that something was stolen from him (that wasn’t he’s to begin with … which to me would defeat the purpose of something being stolen from me, but I digress) by some Republican ‘operative’ who had nothing better to do then wait inside the state capital’s copying room waiting for some smuck liberal politician to leave something behind that would make the state Democrats look bad. Yeah, that’s believable! Miller’s covering his ass because he got caught leaving a liberal document in the copy room of a non-partisan government building.

Regardless of whom it belonged to or how it fell into the hands of Republicans, it was left on a copying machine inside the state capital which is illegal. Someone is going to jail for this.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NEW Mark Green Advertisement

As Charlie Sykes said, it is a nice contrast to the barrage of negative attacks ads ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle has been running against Mark Green lately. I am the type of person who accepts negative campaign advertisements as a basic part of politics. They have been ever since political parties emerged in American politics.

Even though I supported Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker when this campaign for governor of Wisconsin started out and was bitterly disappointed with his decision to drop out of the race, thus being less then satisfied with Mark Green as the Republican candidate, I have become more supportive of Green as the campaign has drawn closer to the November 7th, 2006, election date.

SEX with the Packers ... Fifty Years Ago

And to think that the races for governor and attorney general have been grabbing all the headlines? It appears now that the race for secretary of state for Wisconsin (yes, such a government position does exist contrary to popular belief) just got a whole lot more interesting. Really this shouldn’t be a big deal but if MSNBC wants to talk about why not take hold of the limelight and use it to your utmost advantage. I’ve meant Sandy Sullivan, a lovely woman who made an appearance at the MUCR 4th Annual Animal Rights BBQ on October 4th, 2006, and the media is making a big deal out of nothing. Let’s focus on the present, not what someone did in their past that has no relevancy on the position they are applying for today.

Bush and Blair's 'Special' Relationship

Perhaps the Democrats would like to explain away Harper's Magazine’s liberal gay bashing to us.

The David Zucker/Albright Advertisement

I have meant to post this item for some time now but due to midterm examinations, my job, lack of sleep, etc. I have fallen behind. I apologize and I hope to correct this mistake over the break but since I will likely be helping out in the West Allis GOP office over the weekend, we’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, here is David Zucker’s Albright advertisement (I wasn’t aware David Zucker was supporting the Republican Party) that has been making the rounds the past week.

200 Harley Jobs Will Go Elsewhere

What’s that Jim Doyle? You’ve created 170,000 jobs since you became governor of Wisconsin? Where were you then when you let this happen?

This is yet another instance in which a union has f*cked things up. Their most notable recent achievements have included the auto-manufacturing industry and the airline industry. It now seems as though Harley is among their many victims …

… And Jim Doyle lies. But then again what else is new?

School in Boston Bans Tag

First dodge ball then ‘duck, duck, goose’, and now this. Why don’t we start placing our children in a plastic bubble starting at birth? It will make things a lot easier.

South Park Satirizes Conspiracy Retards

This is why I love South Park as much as I do. For as long as it has been on television, ten seasons up to this point, it is still funny, unlike The Simpsons which seriously ‘jumped the shark’ some time ago and remains on the air for the sheer purpose of profits. Don’t even get me started on the movie which in my mind is several years too late. On top of being funny, South Park is relevant and politically incorrect, something that should fire up any young conservative.

In their second episode of the tenth season (the first, while not politically relevant, did do a great job of mocking World of Warcraft), Trey Parker and Matt Stone satirized the 9/11 conspiracy theorists (the ¼ of Americans who are retarded) in the episode entitled ‘The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce’. In it we discover that the 9/11 conspiracy sites are run by the government and that the government wants the American people to believe they have total control over everything and therefore caused the 9/11 attacks. So the 9/11 conspiracy is in fact a government conspiracy.

Cartman: [singing] It is wrong for me to ask questions? Is it wrong to seek the truth? I just can't blindly accept their version. I can't base my logic on proof. Almost all the evidence points one way, but I'm like Charlie Sheen and Gloria Estefan: I need to know what really happened on 9/11-leven-leven-leven-leven. What really happened on 9/11?

Cartman: [leaves his seat and goes to the front of the class with his laptop.] For Show and Tell today I have brought... [puts on some glasses] ...my shocking Powerpoint report on the truth!.. [removes the glasses for dramatic effect] behind the 9/11 attacks! [the lights go out and a projector is turned on]

Kyle: [rolls his eyes] Oh Christ...

Cartman: [his first image is that of the Twin Towers] We are told to believe that the fire from the jet fuel melted the steel framing of the towers, [the image gets animated as a cross-section of a wall is picked apart and the steel girders shown, which led to their collapse] which led to their collapse. But did you know jet fuel doesn't burn at a high enough temperature to melt steel? [the other kids look at each other. Kyle's eyes are half-closed, showing his disinterest] We were told the Pentagon was hit by a hijacked plane as well, [a picture of the Pentagon with the damage clearly visible. A helicopter hovers nearby] but now look at this photo of the Pentagon. The hole is not nearly big enough. And if a plane hit it, where is the rest of the plane?

Clyde: Whoa...

Cartman: So now, the inevitable question: if terrorists didn't cause 9/11, who did? [he begins to use his fingers to to show the numbers as he says them] Remember that there are in fact two towers. Two minus one is one; one one - 11; two minus one is one; one one, and there are nine members on Silverstein's board of directors. That's nine-one-one. Nine-eleven. And take 2 - 1 + 9/11 and you get 12, which leads us all to the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. [click. Kyle now appears superimposed on the 9/11 picture already onscreen].Kyle!

Kyle: Me??

Cartman: Twelve contains the numbers one and two, just like the toilet yesterday where womebody went number two instead of number one! And one and two with 911 and you get 914! Drop the 4 and it's 91! Exactly the score Kyle got on his spelling test twelve days after 9/11! Who has the most to gain from 9/11?! Kyle! Who was nowhere to be found the morning the towers fell?! Kyle! Who dropped the deuce in the urinal?! Kyle! But probably the most damning of all is the evidence seen in this photo of Tower 2! [clicks, and another shot of the Twin Towers is shown] When I zoomed in I saw what first appeared to be a blur, [he zooms in on the picture, which just becomes pixilated] but when I computer-enhanced it, [the pixilation disappears as the picture sharpens - it's a drawing of an evil Kyle with a large, sharp knife in his right hand] You almost got away with it, you sneaky butthole.

Below is the entire episode of ‘The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce’, so enjoy!

Draw Me

Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on October 17th, 2006

Survey Says

Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on October 12th, 2006

Saving Face

Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on October 10th, 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wild Shift 'Gold', South Africa Blame on Student Body

Am I the only one who believes Father Wild in spite of all he has done for the university in the past has finally lost it? I hope not. For those unaware, Father Wild during his question and answer forum last evening (which I wish I had attended but unfortunately I had a previous engagement which to my displeasure was not worth my time) openly admitted that the infamous ‘Gold’ decision and the South Africa program decision (both of which were reversed less then a week after they were made – can we say, ‘We f*cked up’?) were ‘dumb’. But just when you thought the university administration had turned a corner, Wild then shifts the blame on MUSG and the student body, saying, quote, “It helps if there is high-end student government presence on campus during the summer too, and I think there was a bit of a problem because I'm not sure we had that senior leadership presence”.

If I remember correctly, the infamous ‘Gold’ decision was made the week before finals and the end of the school year. In my mind that is a deliberate attempt to ostracize the student body. They made a decision which had no bearing whatsoever with the student body as a whole, let alone in part.

I have e-mailed MUSG president Dan Calandriello for a comment which I will post as soon as I get a response or if he chooses to comment at all at this time.

The Streisand Conspiracy Theory

Not only is Barbara Streisand a complete and utter liberal bitch (common knowledge, really, as if you needed her latest ‘shut the f*ck up’ comment to suggest such an idea) but now it appears as though she, or at least her publicist, is paranoid to boot. Her publicist is suggesting that the heckler in the audience who yelled out ‘What is this? A fundraiser?’ during her parody of President George W. Bush and his administration (entitled ‘Send Out the Clowns’ – clever, aren’t we?) was a ‘government operative’. Yes, the federal government has nothing better to do (North Korea, Iran, al Qaeda, Iraq … they are on the back burner until we can make a fool out of Barbara Streisand at an event attended mostly by her fascist cronies – Oprah among them – who won’t give a shit if some one heckles her which in essence means only we would be getting the joke …) then make smartass, yet poignant, remarks about has-been singer.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Read Between the Lines

After days upon days of unyielding and annoying news coverage of the Mark Foley sex scandal, seventy-two percent of independents, even more surprisingly fifty-one percent of registered Democrats, surveyed in the latest C-BS News/New York Times poll indicate that the story has made no difference in their decision on who they are going to vote for in the midterm elections.

Here is C-BS’s summary of the poll and the break down of the questions and answers.

Why is this? The answer is simple – these are midterm elections, individual state-by-state campaigns, not a national election or referendum. The only place in the country in which the scandal is going to have any direct effect is going to be Florida and that is due in part because of the asinine state legislature (even though a replacement has been selected, Foley’s name will remain on the ballot because the ballots have already been printed).

And don’t believe the (over)hype of the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll either. Despite their apocalyptic warning that a dramatic shift in the numbers have given the Democrats an edge going into the midterm elections, the authors neglect to acknowledge that over forty-one percent more Democrats were surveyed then Republicans. The break down, according to News Busters, was 38 percent Democrats; 27 percent Republicans, and; 31 percent Independents.

There is no liberal bias … I mean, uhh, pay no attention to the jackass … I mean, Dan Rather behind the curtain! Oh, I probably shouldn’t have said that either. Umm, uhh … what were we talking about?

Fair and Balanced Does Not Apply to Newsweek

You just knew sooner or later the mainstream media was going to jump all over the opportunity to publish a photograph of scandal-ridden Matt Foley with President Bush all buddy-buddy together taken long before the news ever broke that he was a pervert, a liar, and an idiot (apparently the whole issue was meant as a prank among the pages and it somehow got in the hands of Democrats – surprise, they ran with it).

Fair Wisconsin Has Momentum, Give Them That Much and Don't Ignore It

I agree with James Wigderson that the vote to amend the Wisconsin State Constitution to ban gay marriage and civil unions is closer then everyone, particularly conservatives, like to think it is. You can read my comment on his blog posting here.

Students at Marquette University have undoubtedly noticed by now the chalk advertisements promoting Fair Wisconsin, an organization opposed to the ban on gay marriage and civil unions, littering the sidewalks around campus every ten feet or so it seems. I don’t measure these things so I can’t say for sure but there are certainly a lot of them. If you are a fellow conservative like myself you have to be both disturbed and yet still impressed by the grassroots efforts of this organization as these campaign measures have time and again proven in recent memory to be quite effective.

While the numbers at the moment may be against them, the latest survey from Wispolitics.com indicates that of the six-hundred people polled it is 53-39 for the amendment, momentum is certainly something we should not discredit as they appear to have a lot of it heading into the final three weeks of the campaign season.

The Clinton Legacy Inaction

No president in the history of the United States of America has done more damage past his tenure as commander in chief then Jimmy Carter but Bill Clinton is sure doing his damnedest to catch up.

First, the 9/11 attacks – it was a Clinton appointee who established the wall between the FBI and CIA which prevented them from sharing information with each other, it was Clinton himself who turned down Osama Bin Laden THREE TIMES when handed to him on a silver platter, and it was his sexual escapades with a chubby Jewish intern which complicated matters to capture Osama Bin Laden. Years later Clinton tries to cover his counter-terrorism failures first by having Sandy ‘Burglar’ sneak confidential documents out of the National Archive by hiding them in his socks and pants then later insisting that ABC’s The Path to 9/11 miniseries was a coordinated effort by the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ to discredit him. Believe me, Bill, you are your own worst enemy.

Then there’s Iraq. If Clinton had actually followed through with what he proposed in 1998 which was to invade Iraq … well, who knows really but it sure would have saved us the trouble now of having to deal with several countries all at once ON TOP OF Iraq. I fear though that the post-war democracy under his watch would have been a disaster.

And now we have North Korea to deal with. If I remember correctly it was both Jimmy Carter AND Bill Clinton who got Kim Jong Il to agree to an Agreed Framework which stated that North Korea would receive [these wonderful prizes] a return to normalized relations, oil deliveries and two light water reactors in exchange for an agreement to stop processing nuclear fuel.

Both Billy Beer Lite and Slick Willy returned as heroes, to the Democrats at least. All the while there were no efforts put in place, sanctioned either by the United Nations or the United States, to ensure North Korea cooperation in their arrangement. On January 10th, 2003, North Korea withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and in February they announced that they had indeed created nuclear bombs. Good work there guys!

Thankfully however it appears as though their recent efforts to test a nuclear weapon were unsuccessful. Regardless, we should not let either of these two off the hook.

And what is the United Nations (with the exception of US Ambassador John Bolton, bless this man) doing to correct this mistake? Yep, sanctions! There you go, let’s punish the citizens of North Korea more so then their psychotic leader already has. Dig a deeper ditch of poverty for them to die in while Kim Jong Il lives high off the hog. I suppose however it is far more productive then telling them we will be very angry with them unless they stop producing nuclear weapons and then writing them a letter telling them precisely how angry we are if they refuse but it still is not the right solution.

Monday, October 9, 2006

Mark Green Pep Rally Tomorrow

Join the Marquette University College Republicans and gubernatorial candidate Mark Green for a pizza party/pep rally in the Giuseppe Room of the Alioto's Restaurant tomorrow evening at 7pm. I will be attending the event so I will report back with photographs and details on Wednesday.

Disney Discriminates Against Ugly People

Yes, I am accusing the Disney-owned ABC television network of discrimination … against ugly people. Okay, this is entirely in jest but I’ll at least try and make some point out of posting this here.

My father, a fellow Disney fanatic like myself, brought this to my attention this past weekend. ABC’s morning talk-show, Good Morning America, is running a contest called ‘The Royal Treatment’, in conjunction with the Walt Disney Company’s North-American Theme Park marketing campaign ‘Year of a Million Dreams’ (I have issues with this slogan and the whole campaign in general but this is neither the place nor the time to discussing that right now). The winner, a ‘deserving family’ as Good Morning America’s website puts it, will ‘be the first to spend the night in the newly created Castle Suite high atop Cinderella Castle in the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom’. Sounds neat, doesn’t it? That is until you come to the realization that you’ll practically be a prisoner inside Cinderella’s Castle for an entire night. But, again, I am getting off topic. The contest rules are simple – write a three-hundred word essay on why your family should win a trip to the Walt Disney World resort and send it to Good Morning America along with a photo of the family.

The essay is an unusual element in of itself but the request for a photograph is what I really want to focus on. Why a photograph? Disney wants the picture-perfect Disney family. This means no ugly people (that includes ‘Zeke and Zed and Ted and Fred, and a bear named Tennessee’ from West Virginia with three teeth sticking out of their mouth), no old people, no single parents, no child-less families, etc. They want white (or possibly black, but I would imagine preferably white) beautiful middle-class parents with two children (a boy and a girl) … and I’ll throw in a dog (golden retriever) for good measure.

This is one of many problems I have with the major prizes up for grabs in the ‘Year of a Million Dreams’ campaign. The ‘Dream Squad’ who randomly selects guests to give prizes to inside the North-American Disney theme parks (even though this is a marketing campaign for all the Disney theme parks, only guests at the North-American parks are eligible for the major prizes, so Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland are getting ‘royally’ screwed with this one) are first pulled aside (Disney says this is not to ‘embarrass them’ when they are given their prize) and then told what prize they have won. I can see the scenario now backstage: “Well, they were suppose to get the DVC points, Jeff, but, geez, they’re so God damn ugly … now what are we going to give them?”

Don’t even get me started about the Spangler family, the first major prize-winners of the ‘Year of a Million Dreams’ celebration, who got exclusive access to the Magic Kingdom theme park at the Walt Disney World resort. Besides the fact that it for me would have been entirely creepy to have the attractions all to myself and every single cast member waiting on my every whim, I would have hated having a bull’s-eye on my back for the rest of the day. Why the bull’s-eye? The family got exclusive access to nearly every attraction in the park which meant that each land remained closed until they have gone on the rides they wanted and moved on to the next land. So, in essence most of the park that day (October 1st) remained closed until one in the afternoon. How pissed would you have been if you went to the park that day and found out that you couldn’t do what you wanted to that day because of this? Disney didn’t announce this in advance so it’s not your fault if you weren’t aware of this. Why didn’t Disney paint a bull’s-eye on them for Christ’s sake?

Beast of Burden

Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on October 3rd, 2006

MUCR's 4th Annual Animal Rights BBQ - Photos and Video

The following are photos from last week’s (October 4th, 2006, to be precise) Marquette University College Republican event, the 4th Annual Animal Rights BBQ which, in addition to delicious pork sandwiches, featured our own Brent Downs in a pink pig costume advertising the event near Raynor Library.

Pig Power!!

Pig Power!!

I don't know what to say about this ... Brent, you sick, sick man

If you look closely in the background of this rather disturbing photograph (sorry, Brent, but the majority of readers would have to agree with me on this one) you can see the vegetarian Lucas freaked out.

In addition to the photographs, we have for your viewing pleasure video footage of Lucas Fuller tackling Justin Phillips of GOP3.com in the pink pig costume. This is absolutely hilarious (and, yes, suitable for work).

And I just couldn’t end this post without a photograph of our fearless leader cuddling up with the pink pig. Sorry, Dan, but it has to be seen.

In spite of the rather crummy weather (wind was blowing a bit and it had rained earlier in the morning so it was a bit chilly around noon time – it’s Wisconsin, eighty degrees and sunny one day and forty and rainy the next), it was a successful event.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Clearing Up the Foley Mess

Let first start off by saying that I am object to Justin Phillips opening line in his post on the subject on GOP3.com on the basis that the whole priest/pedophilia scandal was blown entirely out of proportion. I do not stand by the priests who did molest those children but the simple fact was that the media immediately jumped on priest who was accused of pedophilia with no evidence to back up the accuser’s claim. A lot of innocent priests had their reputations and their lives damaged because certain accusers wanted a piece of the limelight. That’s all I am saying on that issue.

Secondly, I am not one to give Mark Foley a free pass simply because he is a Republican. I also like to believe that any sensible Republican in this country would feel the exact same way. The fact that the Republican Party of Florida the moment they discovered this was going on forced Foley to resign a mere three weeks before the election puts them on a higher pedestal in terms of moral ethics then the Democratic Party. Remember the Clinton scandal – it’s just sex so he shouldn’t be forced to resign.

The question the media is focusing on is whether Speaker Dennis Hester should resign as well on the basis that he did not act quickly enough to force Mark Foley to resign. But who is more responsible, the media or Speaker Dennis Hester? So far there is no evidence to suggest the Republican Party of Florida was aware of the instant messages between Foley and the page. They were only aware of the e-mails which requested a photo. While that is a bit unusual, it certainly doesn’t suggest anything sexual in nature. And what about ABC News and their decision to sit on the story which they have had since summer 2004 until a mere three weeks before the election? If we (the media and American society in general) are criticizing Hester for not acting quickly enough if it was so apparent to begin with then why did ABC News chose to sit on the story for nearly two years?

However, what I see as the more important question we should be asking, something of which was the topic of discussion in my Media and Politics class this afternoon, is whether democracy is being served in the state of Florida where by law it is too late for the GOP to change the name of their candidate on the ballot? Yes, in spite of the fact that Foley has resigned and a new candidate has been selected less then three weeks before the election the name on the ballot for the GOP will still read Mark Foley.