Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Streisand Conspiracy Theory

Not only is Barbara Streisand a complete and utter liberal bitch (common knowledge, really, as if you needed her latest ‘shut the f*ck up’ comment to suggest such an idea) but now it appears as though she, or at least her publicist, is paranoid to boot. Her publicist is suggesting that the heckler in the audience who yelled out ‘What is this? A fundraiser?’ during her parody of President George W. Bush and his administration (entitled ‘Send Out the Clowns’ – clever, aren’t we?) was a ‘government operative’. Yes, the federal government has nothing better to do (North Korea, Iran, al Qaeda, Iraq … they are on the back burner until we can make a fool out of Barbara Streisand at an event attended mostly by her fascist cronies – Oprah among them – who won’t give a shit if some one heckles her which in essence means only we would be getting the joke …) then make smartass, yet poignant, remarks about has-been singer.