Monday, October 30, 2006

GSA and Fair Wisconsin ... What's the Difference?

On the eve of the Marriage Amendment panel, Sarah Cotton has once again sent me an e-mail message.

I swear this is the last time …

She states, “I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that the literature that is being handed out on Wisconsin Avenue is actually not at all associated with Students for a Fair Wisconsin. Anything can be handed out on public property, as is how the Warrior distributes their papers. Any chalking found on public property also follows those same conditions - not done by Students for a Fair Wisconsin”.

That’s funny actually because the piece of literature they were handing out, which I have in my hand at this very moment, has your name on it, complete with your Fair Wisconsin e-mail address, and the website address for Fair Wisconsin. It even says “Paid for by Fair Wisconsin Committee”. I find it rather hard to believe that someone independently designed and printed these pamphlets up and started handed them out to students on a whim. But if that were true, highly unlikely, then why is your name on it?! There is just no way of getting around that issue.

Please note that never once did I say what Fair Wisconsin (or who ever it was) was doing anything illegal. What I said was that they were publicly deceiving students less informed about the marriage amendment issue with a deliberately misleading statement and I was correcting it. Notice how Sarah Cotton tries to shift the focus of the debate away from herself and Fair Wisconsin deceiving the student body to an issue of legitimacy in handing out literature. Oh, and clever insert of ‘The Warrior’ to make your point all the more liberal. I have my issues with ‘The Warrior’ as well but that’s a different story.

Fair Wisconsin was placing chalk ads around campus way before they were approved by the Office of Student Development (which if they approved Fair Wisconsin, a clearly partisan organization then they better not hesitate to approve Students for Academic Freedom or else there will be Hell to pay … and believe me when I say that ‘Lady MacBeth’ OSD has enough on its hands already). One chalk advertisement in particular was made infamous because it appeared right outside the doors of Gesu Church. If it’s not Fair Wisconsin then it’s the Gay/Straight Alliance doing their dirty work for them. Regardless, it all returns to the same source … Fair Wisconsin.

She also states, “Law in the state of WI does define marriage as between a husband and a wife”. Yes, that is true but that does not necessarily make gay marriage is this state illegal. If Wisconsin state law already states gay marriage is illegal then why are gay/lesbian organizations like Fair Wisconsin and others so intently focused on Wisconsin in the first place? If gay marriage is already illegal then what harm does the amendment do to re-enforce that statement? Gay marriage advocate groups like Fair Wisconsin are arguing what defines a husband and a wife. That is what the amendment is for. It defines marriage strictly as between a man and a woman, end of story.

Oh, certainly if Peg “Gug, gug, gug” Lautenschlagger says it then it must be true. I think the fact that she lost her incumbency to a member of her own party in the primary race is evidence enough to show how much even the Democrats trust her view of the law.

She then finishes with the positively ludricious line, “I would appreciate you contacting me personally before publicly defacing my name”. Yes, mother! How stuck up can a person get?! I already believed she was high on herself when she put in her first e-mail message to me “Sarah Cotton – student. advocate. traveler. dreamer” but this pretty much confirms it. Sarah, I don’t need your permission or anyone else’s permission to post whatever I decide to on this site. The truth will set you free. If what I am saying is a lie then you should have no problem defending yourself. Obviously I have struck a nerve if you found this post damaging to your reputation (personally, from talking to others, you’re doing a fine job ruining your own credibility, thank you).