Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Marriage Amendment Debate Panel - Photos

It was a good turn-out overall. There were more people there with blue and orange shirts (Fair Wisconsin), led of course by Sarah Cotton (I just wanted to go up to her and tear that collar off her shirt – I absolutely cannot stand popped collars), but more on the trained seals later.

Professor Rick Esenberg and Professor Wolfe (easily the smartest man alive)

The Tonight Show host Jay Leno … I mean, Scott Moss (he came off as extremely cocky and was making way too many jokes or sarcastic remarks for a debate that was meant to be serious in nature) and tin-foil hat-wearing Mike Tate who warns students to beware of the religious zealot hiding behind the curtain. Time to up the medication, Mike.

Former MUCR chairman (and menace to Marquette University) Brandon Henak made an appearance at last night’s debate panel and was the first one to ask a question directed at the panel.

I truly felt sorry for this woman but I am proud she took it in stride. The opponents of the Marriage Amendment (Scott Moss and Mike Tate) totally misconstrued what she said and twisted it so as to make her come off as a homosexual bigot which was nowhere near what she said to begin with. Then of course you had Sarah Cotton and her band of Kool-Aid drinking Fair Wisconsin followers acting inappropriately, applauding after Moss and Tate viciously attacked this woman, and responded like a pack of trained seals. Shameless. Absolutely shameless.

Bottom-line, Mike Tate and Scott Moss were an embarrassment. They whined and complained about how proponents of the marriage amendment were using children as emotional leverage to pass the amendment yet at the same time using emotional-filled arguments themselves to make false accusations against the amendment and proponents of it. They felt like a broken record, making the same arguments over and over again (for example, rights and benefits being taken away from gays and lesbians) when they had already been answered by Dr. Wolfe and Professor Esenberg. That last student (a Fair Wisconsin member, of course) should be slapped for asking such a dumb question (you never answered what benefits and rights would be taken away … none, you moron, weren’t you listening). Then of course you have Mike Tate, tin-foil hat and all, up there making wild allegations that the whole ‘marriage’ issue was a cover by the vast right-wing conspiracy to pursue a discrimination agenda against homosexuals in spite of evidence in twenty other states who passed almost the exact same amendment proving just the opposite. Can I assume that Mr. Tate also believes that September 11th was an inside job? I think its time Mike Tate be put into his straight-jacket now.