Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Democratic Plan Revealed

Alright, here’s the story so far if you haven’t been paying attention …

A document entitled Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee Plan came to light this afternoon after having been left inside a copying machine in the state capital (most likely by Senator Mark Miller … but more of that later). It reveals that Progressive Majority Wisconsin, a supposedly non-partisan independent group (sure, just like Fair Wisconsin is I suppose … oh wait, they’re one of PMW’s allies), is working hand-in-hand with the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee to smear Republican candidates.

It’s every rat for himself I’m afraid. John W. Lehman who the document reveals would be given one-hundred thousand dollars by the WSSDC has denied any connections whatsoever with PMW. At the same time however lawyers for PMW are contacting conservative talk show hosts (there is a message on Charlie Sykes’ website and one lawyer called into Mark Belling’s radio talk show this afternoon) indicating that what they are doing is entirely legal under Wisconsin state law. Then why is John Lehman so vehement in his denial of any connections with PMW?

Oh, then there’s Senator Mark Miller’s lame-ass excuse meant to distract the public from the real issue, a rather cliché liberal tactic really.

Get this …

“Earlier this year, in my rush to get out of a meeting outside the State Capitol and return to work in the building, I inadvertently grabbed a binder belonging to Matt Swenkofske, director of SSDC. His binder was identical to my own”
So either he’s lying or he’s an idiot.

Let me get this straight here … Miller wants us to believe that something was stolen from him (that wasn’t he’s to begin with … which to me would defeat the purpose of something being stolen from me, but I digress) by some Republican ‘operative’ who had nothing better to do then wait inside the state capital’s copying room waiting for some smuck liberal politician to leave something behind that would make the state Democrats look bad. Yeah, that’s believable! Miller’s covering his ass because he got caught leaving a liberal document in the copy room of a non-partisan government building.

Regardless of whom it belonged to or how it fell into the hands of Republicans, it was left on a copying machine inside the state capital which is illegal. Someone is going to jail for this.