Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Kent State Professor Supports Bin Laden's Victory Over U.S.

It’s like watching the theory of evolution right before our eyes! From Kevin Barrett we get Steven Jones which then produces Julio Pino, “a Muslim convert who teaches at Kent State University” and promotes Bin Laden’s victory over the United States in Afghanistan. How little of a percentage difference do you think there is between the DNA of these three? Less then the one-percent difference between humans and monkeys? And what exactly is the next step in the de-evolutionary chain?

Bill Would Mandate 'Nicer' Term for Illegals

You say ‘illegal’, I say ‘undocumented’ … let’s call the whole thing off and fix the damn system rather then trying to PC the Hell out of everything so we can allude the problem a bit longer.

This is My Personal Favorite

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Inconvenient Truth, Happy Feet Make Academy Awards 'Green' Night

For the third year in a row I was at home studying and not watching the Academy Awards presentation on ABC. From what I have read online it was a complete bore. Sure, like any awards presentation it had its moments, but Ellen DeGeneris was reportedly flat. The end result was a 42 share in the ratings which would make this year’s presentation the third lowest rated ceremony in television history.

First, the Academy’s choice in hosts over the past years has reeked of desperation. I mean, last year you had Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and the year before that you had Chris Rock. People see this and rather then tuning in as the Academy would expect are instead turned off by this. The second reason, something of which applies prominently to this year’s presentation, is that the Academy Awards have become too politicized. I am studying for a major in political science/history at Marquette University, I am active in the College Republicans on campus, I run this site, I write editorials for the Marquette Tribune … I deal with political discussion on a daily basis. I don’t want to come home, sit down, turn on the television and hear some actor/actress being paid ten million dollars (or, in some cases, much more) per picture spout out his/her mouth about their opinion on national politics as if they knew what they were talking about. If a person like me who is use to being heavily involved in political discussion doesn’t want to be preached at during the Oscars, what are the chances the average Joe with no real standing (left or right) opinion toward national politics is going to want to do the same?

Last night’s Oscar telecast was dubbed ‘Green’ Night at the Academy Awards as the main political issue hanging over the ceremony like a dark rain cloud was the myth of ‘global warming’. Don’t believe me? What won for Best Animated Film? Not Disney/Pixar’s Cars which by all means should have won (it was the first winner of Best Animated Feature Annie Award not to win at the Academy Awards) but rather Happy Feet, a motion-capture performance animated feature with a global warming message. Conservative critics like Michael Medved, Neil Cavuto, and Glenn Beck have chastised the producers of Happy Feet for using children to promote a liberal agenda. I have not seen the film so I can not comment personally. This would not surprise me however as Hollywood has done this sort of thing before. Remember Hoot? Then there’s ‘rock-star’ Al Gore’s Inconvenient ‘Lies’ which won not one, but two Academy Awards last night – one for Best Original Song (Melissa Etheridge’s ‘I Need to Wake Up’) and one for Best Documentary, which was as far from a surprise as you could possibly be. Hot Air has videos of the awards ceremony last evening.

But check this out. Via The Drudge Report, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, “an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan research organization committed to achieving a freer, more prosperous Tennessee through free market policy solutions”, issued today this press release condemning former-Vice President Al Gore’s hypocrisy in regards to energy conservation. This is nothing new, of course. Conservatives have known about this for some time. It just goes to show you once again that when liberals say, ‘Do as I say’ they actually mean ‘Do as I say (Not as I do)’.

It wasn’t all gloom and doom though. Personally, I was satisfied. The movie I wanted to win for Best Picture (The Departed) won – though to be honest I would have been just as happy if Little Miss Sunshine won. And FINALLY Martin Scorsese won an Oscar for Best Director. That it took him five tries just to receive one in his extensive career is evidence to the fact that the Academy is so out of touch with the real movie-going public.

La-La Land

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


As if one article profiling the ‘courage’ of the martyrs of free speech, the Dixie Sluts, wasn’t enough, the New York Times writes that the trio’s five Grammy awards on Sunday evening amounted to vindication (because they were so isolated in liberal Hollywood) for the band after three ‘long’ years.

Notice how even the New York Times is admitting that the voting process for the Grammies is based on politics, not the quality or substance of the music itself.

There is a ‘however’.

The NYT writer Leed cites Green Day and their anti-war rock opera ballad (in spite of its left-wing political bias, clearly evident in only a few songs, namely the title song, it is a personal favorite of mine) ‘American Idiot’ failing to win ‘Album’ and ‘Record of the Year’ awards as a ‘prime example’ that the Grammies aren’t ‘necessarily’ [blogger’s emphasis] left-wing biased. Here’s the thing though: Green Day has never been on the oust with their original fan-base which has primarily been left-leaning. Hell, their name is a reference to marijuana.

ABC News’ coverage of the Chicks’ five Grammy wins is even more ridiculous. Get this: “The standing ovations the Chicks received Sunday illustrated how much the political climate has changed regarding the Iraq war, and even Bush”. So let me get this straight … the music industry, based primarily in Hollywood, which is synonymous with left-wing politics, awarded a musical-trio who, basically, said ‘f*ck you’ to the President of the United States right before the invasion of Iraq began in a foreign country, knowing full well they were playing to the anti-war sentiment of the country, but that demonstrates a ‘shift’ in the political climate? Remind again when Hollywood has ever been for the Iraq war. Oh, right, never.


Remember this little gem? Well ‘Osama’ Obama is desperately trying now to remove the foot he put so willingly into his mouth, without much success. In fact via The New York Times he’s making the situation much worse. According to the Illinois Senator what he ‘meant’ to say was of course that ‘our civilian strategy has not HONORED [blogger’s emphasis] their courage and bravery’, because HONOR and WASTED are so closely related to one another.

Now YOU Can Be Gov. 'Diamond' Jim Doyle!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

I Decided Not to Run for President Before I Decided to Run

Targeted Blogger Quits Edwards Campaign

But I’m afraid the damage is already done. Not that John Edwards hasn’t been doing a fine job himself of running his second attempt at the Democratic nomination (the presidency is a little too high of a bar for him right now) into the ground.

Barack Obama: Each and Every Service Member Who Served and Died in Iraq Wasted Their Lives

Dixie Chicks: Movin' to the Left

The Dixie Sluts … of course I mean Chicks (cough) were awarded by their liberal peers over the weekend with five Grammy awards (don’t think the American public, the people who actually pay for music, voted for them) including Best Song of the Year (Not Ready to Make Nice) and Best Album of the Year.

The New York Times couldn’t help but gush about how the musical-trio were free speech martyrs (in name only in my opinion – oops, let’s totally forget that interview in which the ladies were ‘weeping’ because they upset their ‘fan-base’ in country music) and Matt Lauer opened the TODAY Show this morning saying that the Dixie Chicks got the last laugh on the president.

Believe me when I say I am not the only who thinks this is politically motivated. As Michelle Malkin said, even the little troll who sings lead (Natalie Maines, the one who made the comment back in 2003 which started the whole controversy) thinks it was.

Bullsh*t - Getting Hippies to Ban Water (Environmental Hysteria)

We're the Govt. -- You're Not (Homeland Security Parody)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Remember This Photo When Hillary Runs in 2008

Patriquin Plan: How to Win in Al-Anbar

Hillary and Rice Featured on Runway

There was link on the Drudge Report not too long ago to a story about Hillary Clinton’s face (that ugly mug) being featured on a fashion designer’s skirt.

In the picture below you can see it in the very back:

The press must have ‘inadvertently’ glossed over another skirt, this one with a picture of Condoleezza Rice’s face on it.

Notice anything different as opposed to the Hillary skirt? Yep, she’s made to look demonic (fire surrounding her face) and the model sporting the skirt is wearing a tank-top that says PEACE.

Hmmm … pure coincidence I’m sure. Nothing subliminal about that.

Michael Savage: Candidate for President?

I wish this were some kind of sick joke but sadly it’s not. He doesn’t stand a chance but since every else and their mother have jumped into the race so far, why not him?

I don’t have an opinion on this either way because for some reason I never quite got into Michael Savage.

Rudy Ready for Prime Time?

I have already stated previously why I am a bit uneasy about giving the 2008 GOP Presidential Nomination to former-New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. I, like nearly every else in this country, appreciate what he did in light of September 11th but his more liberal stances on abortion, gay marriage, and immigration make me a bit nervous to say the least about him.

The following have been making the rounds on the blogosphere:

First we have that cover photo of Rudy and his wife on the New York Post …

I swear he has to be one of the only politicians in this country to pull something like that off without an uproar. And might I say that his wife looks stunning for her age (the New York Post states that she is fifty-two).

The other little tidbit making the rounds is the interview on Hannity and Colmes (divided into two parts on YouTube) where he discusses the main political issues of the upcoming presidential campaign.

I must admit, despite my reservations, he will be a tough candidate to beat in the Republican primary. I would imagine McCain might be the only other candidate who would have the capacity to challenge him for the nomination. More importantly however he might be our best and only shot at beating Hillary for the presidency. Personally, I am of the opinion that ‘Osama’ Obama, the media darling, is the Howard Dean of this campaign and that his candidacy will flounder going into Iowa.

New Student Paper at UW-Milwaukee

The way The Warrior is floundering (in my eyes) here at Marquette University (it’s mostly fluff) I have to give props to Front Page Milwaukee, the new independent student newspaper at UW-Milwaukee.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Gore: Bush Admin. Paying Scientists to Dispute Manbearpig

He’s super cerial but no one will listen to him and he’s cerial.

Violence of Super Bowl Ads a Reflection of War?

If this were come from any other source then the New York Times I would be surprised. Sad to say I am not in this instance.

Pre-Order the Final Harry Potter Book Today!

You can either stand in line at midnight and hope to get a copy or you can pre-order one right now from this website (remember, I’m a poor college student) and be guaranteed one. It’s your choice.

I’ll stop trying to gouge you now.

Save the 9/11 Memorial

The latest travesty to befall the 9/11 Memorial is the news that New York Michael Bloomberg (how this son of a bitch call himself a Republican is beyond me) has announced a plan in which the 2,400 victims of the World Trade Center attack would be listed on the memorial in ‘no discernible order’. In other words “there will be nothing to indicate who they were, where they were and how they were connected to each other. ... None of the names will be in alphabetical order; they will appear random”.

If you are as upset by this as many other people are, please visit Take Back the Memorial and Save the 9/11 Memorial. Don’t forget to sign the petition!

War Power

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Super Bowl XLI

I won’t say much about the Super Bowl (I caught the very end of it and that was about it) as I had no stake in it. It wasn’t a matter of who I wanted to win but rather who I hated less (or more, depending on your perspective). As a loyal Packers’ fan (something the fair-weather Chicago clearly don’t understand – I amazed that the city was so supportive of the team going into this weekend in light of the fact that five-thousand people who bought tickets to the Bears’ first playoff game this season didn’t show up for the game) I automatically hate the Bears so I’m just elated that they lost, though I do despise Payton Manning in some respects as well.

Time to Become an American Hero!

I was watching a Family Guy marathon on Cartoon Network Sunday night and I noticed the following clip. I’m in a Kennedy Assassination course right now so I thought it was pretty funny.