Saturday, October 21, 2006

South Park Parodies Teacher/Student Sex Scandals

The latest episode of South Park entitled ‘Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy’ took on the recent development of young female teachers such as Debra Lafave, Mary Kay Letourneau, and Pamela Rogers Turner having sexual relations with their male students and the contradictional view of the media and society in comparison to male teachers accused of sexual relations with their female students. It also parodies the reality series ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ with Cartman dressed up like Dog in his role as the school’s hall monitor.

Randy: [shows up next to Jimbo and Ned] What's goin' on?

Jimbo: The kindergarten teacher is suspected of having sex with a student

Randy: With a student? But... she's a woman.

Jimbo: Yeah. I know.

Randy: But... she's hot.
Reporter: Tom, an elementary school teacher is under arrest for allegedly having an affair... with one of her young students. The case is shocking, due mostly to the fact that the teacher... is pretty hot, Tom. If the accusations are true, then... damn!

It also makes note of the fact that rehabilitation centers are literally revolving doors with many people entering and leaving and that people refuse to take responsibility for their actions (the teacher in this episode uses the ‘Mel Gibson’ excuse, in other words alcoholism) and blame others for their problems.