Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Islamic Awareness Week - Tom & Jerry: A Jewish Conspiracy

According to a film seminar on Iranian television, the cartoon series, Tom and Jerry, was a Jewish conspiracy to improve the image of mice because Jews were once referred to in Europe as ‘dirty mice’. No, I am not kidding.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Sales of Prescription Drugs From Canada Decline 30%

I have been meaning to post this story for some time now. Sadly, school work and the like have gotten in the way. Yes, as much as it pains me to concentrate on school work, every now and again my parents would like to see some positive results from their $20,000+ per year investment. Anyway, one evening as I was about to turn off the television for the night, a business analysis on Fox News reported that sales of prescription drugs from Canada declined as much as thirty percent since President Bush’s Medicare prescription drug benefit program went into effect on January 1st, 2006.

That’s funny. Although as of late I have been a little out of the loop when it comes to keeping up-to-date with the news, I do not recall this headline gracing the front-page (above the fold) of the Milwaukee* Journal Sentinel. News like this in a sense would silence some, though certainly not all, criticism of the president’s prescription drug plan as nothing more then a complete mess. I can't imagine why the American media would be reluctant to report this story.

Again I call on Republicans to thumb their noses at their liberal collogues and say, “Told you so!”

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Peace, Love, and Genocide - In Honor of Islamic Awareness Week

JUSTICE Continues Hatred of Israel

Professor John McAdams has an informative piece on Julie Enslow, the Soup for Substance speaker JUSTICE invited in honor of Islamic Awareness Week. In a nutshell, she’s a hardnosed leftist hippie harping anti-Israel propaganda. What a surprise coming from JUSTICE.

Friday, February 24, 2006

College Republican Fundraiser at Milwaukee's Famous Serb Hall

Paul Bucher ... I apologize but I am still getting use to my new camera in low-lighting conditions

Paul Bucher again

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker watching on as Paul Bucher spoke

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker speaking about his campaign for governor of Wisconsin

J.B. Van Hollen

Lt. Col. Scott Rutter

Lt. Col. Scott Rutter

Lt. Col. Scott Rutter

Fox News Analyst Lt. Col. Scott Rutter

Fox News Analyst Lt. Col. Scott Rutter who commanded the unit primarily responsible for the capture of Baghdad International Airport will be speaking today, Friday, February 24th, on campus at 2pm in the Alumni Union, Rm. 374. The event is free, so we request that you attend this afternoon.

Lt. Col. Scott Rutter will also be attending a College Republican Fundraiser this evening at Milwaukee’s famous Serb Hall. Annie Nolan, 4th Congressional District Coordinator for Wisconsin College Republicans, sent the following e-mail out ...

Please join Gov. SCOTT MCCALLUM, Candidates MARK GREEN, SCOTT WALKER, PAUL BUCHER, and J.B. VAN HOLLEN, State Treasurer JACK VOIGHT, and Fox News Military Analyst retired Lt. Col. SCOTT RUTTER for Milwaukee’s Best Fish Fry to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the First Inauguration of President Ronald Reagan!

Event is $35 at the door, but only $10 for students!

This Friday, February 24

6 - 7 Social Hour, 7 PM Dinner and Program

Serb Hall - 5101 W Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee, 53219

Keynote Lt. Col. Rutter commanded the unit primarily responsible for the capture of Baghdad International Airport, which paved the way for the ultimate fall of the city and the regime.

Please consider attending! Email with any questions,

Hope to see some of you at the event!

Annie Nolan
The Office of Homeland Security will in attendance at the event and will post photos as soon as possible.

Hat Tip: GOP3.com

We're Losing

Ben Stein over at the American Spectator chimes in with his two cents regards to the Mohammed cartoon controversy and its relation to the continuing war against terrorism and the news isn’t good.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tolerance and Respect, Tolerance and Respect

Wrong Quail

German Court Convicts Man for Insulting Islam

And so in Europe it begins.

MU Says No to V-Monologues ... Over a Week Ago!

Glad to see the Marquette Tribune finally found the time to catch up on the decision by Marquette University not to allow the Vagina Monologues to be presented on campus. Took them long enough, didn’t it?

Question-and-Answer Dialogue Session with Eugene Jarecki

Head on over to GOP3.com if you want to read the Question-and-Answer dialogue session with documentarian Eugene Jarecki, director of ‘Why We Fight’, which took place last evening at Marquette University. I was not there myself (I definitely wanted to be but when you cut a few hours to catch a men’s basketball game, you eventually have to make to hours up) but a friend of mine from the College Republicans said that there were no more then thirty people at the presentation, embarrassing considering the school spent five-thousand dollars on this guy.

Did You Get My Good Side?

UW-Madison Paper Publishes Mohammed Cartoons

How embarrassing is this for students of Marquette University? The People's Republic of Madison (UW-Madison) republished the controversial Mohammed cartoon in their student newspaper, The Badger Herald, but our campus paper, the Marquette Tribune, has blatantly refused to do the same. Further reason why The Warrior should pick up the slack.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

U.N. Guard Reprimanded for Swastikas

The guard was apparently reprimanded (merely a slap on the wrist to be honest), but …

Daniel Carmon, Israel's deputy ambassador to the United Nations, said the act of one security guard could not be compared to the larger issue of anti-Semitism at the U.N.
Now why would he think this? Hmmm … Would their fervent support of the Week of Solidarity for the people of Palestine have anything to do with this? Nah!

Virgin Mary Cartoon Stirs Debate Over Freedom to Offend

Now why can’t the news media in America act this way?

While the Mohammed cartoon controversy rages around the world, a television channel in New Zealand was under fire Wednesday for a decision to show an episode of the South Park comedy series featuring a menstruating statue of the Virgin Mary.


TV Works responded by announcing Tuesday that because of the controversy, it would now screen the episode on Wednesday night, to give viewers the opportunity to make up their own minds.
Marquette Tribune, are you reading this?


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Marquette Tribune Wimps Out in Mohammed Cartoon Row

Surprised? Hardly and I do not believe that any other conservative on campus is either for that matter. The Marquette Tribune, the university’s premiere leftist soapbox, has chosen the path of Neville Chamberlain, naively believing appeasement will bring about lasting peace throughout the world. Next thing you know you have Hitler invading Poland and we’re back to square one while in the process wasting valuable time that could have been better spent building up arms.

Alright, you have the leftists on campus calling people like me racists for insinuating that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim (the riots throughout the Middle East region and in parts of East Asia over these cartoons I think clearly advocates this argument). Isn’t your refusal to publish these cartoons proving people like me correct in our assumptions? What is the Marquette Tribune so afraid of that they would refuse to publish these innocent drawings? Are they assuming that members of the Muslim Student Association or the Arab Student Association would rise up in protest outside the Tribune office, going so far as to create violence and student unrest?

I’ll come right out and call Andrew Johnson, Editor-in-Chief of the Marquette Tribune, a wimp. If Johnson had any spine at all, he’d publish those cartoons in a heartbeat. If he had any respect for freedom of speech or freedom of the press, he’d have a two page spread of the cartoons in the next edition of the Marquette Tribune. But he doesn’t. That is why he has taken the quick, easy, and weak way out of this issue.

So I am now calling out The Warrior, the independent student newspaper on campus, to take up this opportunity to publish the cartoons in light of the Tribune’s blatant refusal to do so which, in my opinion, is stemming freedom of speech.

Further Muslim Hypocrisy

First, The Strand, the student newspaper of the University of Toronto, has refused to publish Mohammed cartoons at the center of the current controversy but in their efforts to spark debate about the subject they decided to publish an editorial cartoon in which Jesus is seen making out and disrobing a faceless Mohammed. Someone explain to me how this is logical.

Second, Iranian Muslims who took offense to the publication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons have retaliated in kind, comparing the current state of Israel to the Holocaust. Isn’t this Muslim cliché used up by now? Guess not.

And lastly, the caption under this photo posted on a German News website states, “What these women want to say with the sign is unclear”. I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty damn concise, don’t you think?

You're a F--kin' Moron!

A humorous internet cartoon series called “You're a F--kin' Moron” takes on the Mohammed cartoon controversy.

Please note that the following cartoon which contains course language and the like may not be suitable for work.

True Prisoner Abuse Photos From Iraq

Prisoner abuse photos you won’t see either on CNN or the local news stations.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Osama Meets the First of the 72 Virgins


U.S. Skater Johnny Weir Admires Former-Soviet Union

I have not watched a minute of the Winter Olympics this year (I just don’t care), but News Busters alerted me to the fact that an American athlete, a flamboyant figure skater (Surprise!) name John Weir, wore a red-jacket with the letters CCCP (Cyrillic Russian initials of the defunct Soviet Union) on it during practices. The figure-skater explains that he admires Russian culture and it is no different from wearing a Madonna t-shirt. Is this kid brain-dead or something? Seeing as how the Soviet Union, the most brutal regime on the face of the planet, killed over one-hundred million people, how could anyone not have an objection to him ‘celebrating’ or ‘admiring’ the past like this? This is why I become so upset with people who wear those asinine Che t-shirts. They have no clue as to who the individual is on the t-shirt or what he stood for and wear it proudly as if what he did is worthy of celebration. Well, he can’t be that astute if he used the phrase ‘Republican-style people’ to describe critics of his jacket.

Ring Out A Hoya

Having just beat #17 ranked Georgetown and #9 ranked Pittsburgh this past weekend, where are the naysayers about Marquette University entering the Big East Conference now?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sitting Duck

The Left Blowing Cheney Hunting Accident Out of Proportion

Mark Belling was right this afternoon when he said that the left-wing media was going to desperately hold on to this ‘Dick Cheney/gun incident’ story, or lack thereof, for as long as they possible could. Could they be any more pathetic in their fruitless attempts to discredit the Bush Administration? I’ll make my opinion on this clear – no story exists! Was Cheney acting reckless? Yes, he does admit to that. Should he have been more careful? Yes. There, end of story. But no, the leftist media has to continuously pursue something that isn’t there.

Take Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, for example. He questioned Paul Burka, executive editor of Texas Monthly, whether Cheney should be charged with negligent homicide should the patient’s conditions change. He then inquired whether Cheney was drunk at the time of the accident or not.

Then of course PETA had to throw in their two cents about the incident as well. In a letter to the vice-president, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk wrote that Cheney should learn his lesson and not hunt animals.

So that’s it! The quails set Cheney up! Those little b@stards!

Columnist Barry Sanders is a bit more conspiratorial – actually, more paranoid then anything else. He claims that Cheney was sending a ‘Godfather-like message’ and that the incident was no accident. I think someone needs to put down the gangster movies and come back to reality.

Katrina Aid Rife With Fraud

Conservatives of Wisconsin, all together now with Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner as we gloat in the face of Democrats, “We told you so!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No Joking: Don't Ban Smoking

I love my American Public Policy course. We just wrapped up our discussion of when and when it is not necessary for the government to intervene in the economy when it comes to market failures. One of the topics we discussed was the ban on smoking in all bars. I want to quickly comment on the Viewpoint article “No Joking: Stop the Smoking” which appeared in this morning’s edition of the Marquette Tribune. In the article, seniors April Kusper and Chris Hoff urge the Milwaukee Common Council to pass the ban on smoking in all restaurants and bars in the city of Milwaukee. They offer a variety of statistics (none of which I can collaborate because I do not have the time at the moment to do so) to persuade readers to support the measure. Here’s what they forget though – there is no market failure to justify such a governmental intervention. First, such a ban would likely have an economic impact on the city. Whether they like to admit or not, smoking bars make money. Second, there is no information cost problem to justify such a governmental intervention. And lastly, the externalities involved are minimal at best. People who don’t like smoking or believe second hand smoke is dangerous (no such study effectively proves this claim) have to go to another bar. Big whoop! This justifies banning smoking in bars and restaurants in the city of Milwaukee, because someone is merely annoyed by it and too lazy to get off their stool and go to a different bar? And if no non-smoking bars exist in the city of Milwaukee (something I may find hard to believe) then become an entrepreneur and build one! You’ll make a ton of money, guaranteed.

Board to Tackle Red Raiders Nickname

I am under the assumption that Professor John McAdams may have already covered this issue (needless to say I am a little behind on the topics I have wanted to discuss on this site) but it is worth mentioning again. The Wauwatosa East School Board is finally taking up the issue of the ‘Red Raiders’ nickname (ala the Marquette Warriors debate), something which has been slowly gestating for the past decade. As was the case with the Warriors debate here at Marquette, this is about the nickname, not the use of exaggerated Native American imagery. Images of the ‘Tommy Raider’ mascot have long since been removed from every aspect of the Tosa East school building with the exception of a wall painting in the basement of the school. This is an issue the Wisconsin State Superintendent, Elizabeth Burmaster, has brought to a head. I realize fully how pinnacle an issue this is for the Democrats (God only knows how offended the Native American community is about this that they allowed the debate to drag on for ten years now) but grades the way they are in Wisconsin Public Schools and the escalating issue of the School Choice Program, you would think this sort of thing would be the least important issue at the moment. Go figure!

Monday, February 13, 2006

One-Sheet for Oliver Stone's World Trade Center

Source: The Hollywood Blacklist

Why Is Georgetown Providing a Platform for a Pro-Terrorist Group?

As the Marquette University Men’s Basketball team prepares to take on Georgetown University this Thursday evening at the Bradley Center, I can’t help but point out how the Washington DC campus is providing a platform for the anti-Israeli, pro-Islamic terrorist propaganda organization, the Palestine Solidarity Movement, to spread its message of mass murder and hate. According to Little Green Footballs, this may have something to do with the twenty-million dollars the Saudis donated to the university this year.

The Spineless French Strike Again

You would think that after the Islamic riots, they would have gotten the picture.

Another Mohammed Cartoon

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Mohammed Dance

The Hamster Dance, now with 100% more blasphemy!

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs

Annan Pushes Hamas to End Attacks, Accept Israel

“Most Palestinians oppose terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians and accept Israel’s right to exist”

Sure, that’s why they elected the Palestinian terrorist political organization Hamas into office. Come on, Annan! Get off your high-horse so your brain can get some oxygen. You’re clearly not thinking clearly, but then why is that not surprising?

Iran to Hang Teenage Girl Attacked By Rapists

The seventeen-year-old girl, similar to the sixteen-year-old who was hanged back in August 2004, was accused of committing ‘acts incompatible with chastity’. Yeah, even though she may have been covered from head to toe, she was clearly asking for it. That ‘slut’! You can’t blame the man for giving into his ‘animal instincts’.

(Eyes rolling back)

The Religion of Peace, making the world a safer place … for rapists, pedophiles, male supremacists, and murderers that is.

Case Against Jesus’ Existence Dismissed

If one more person tells me we have to be ‘tolerant’ of the ‘beliefs’, or lack thereof, of the Atheist community, I am going to puke.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Kanye West, Shut Up!

Source: The Hollywood Blacklist

"I changed the sound of music more than one time... For all those reasons, I'd be a part of the Bible. I'm definitely in the history books already"
I can guarantee you that if a white musical artist said something like this, he would be relentlessly lambasted by the media and the public in general. The double-standard of race in the United States.

Harry Reid in Frequent Contact with Abramoff, Received Donations

While the media is positively giddy about scandal-ridden former lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s admission that he met several times with President George W. Bush, a report from the Washington Post indicates he was also in frequent contact with the Senate office of Harry Reid, Democrat from the State of Nevada, and even collected $68,000 in campaign donations from Abramoff’s firm. The hypocrisy of this is that while Reid has severely criticized Republicans who were in contact with the disgraced former lobbyist, he has refused to return any of the money he received from him in campaign donations.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Iraqi WMDs: More Signs Are Pointing to a Neighborly Transfer

SHOCK!! That is for everyone who isn’t a conservative who have been saying this long before the US-led invasion of Iraq back in March 2003.

Viewpoint: Liberalism Needs to Look at Values

Let’s be frank, when it comes to principles, values, and morals, the liberals in this country are full of it, plain and simple. I am not one however to condemn all liberals. A fair number of the liberals I am personally familiar with are sincere in what they stand for and push their opinions only so far as to get their point across clearly. Regardless, the Democratic Party has lost its way. Mainstream liberalism has been shrouded in the conceptualization of ‘moral superiority’, a ‘holier then thou’ mentality which has eclipsed everything the party of FDR once stood for. On the national stage this has become evident from the filibustering of SCOTUS nominee Samuel Alito by U.S. Senators Russ Feingold (Wisconsin), John Kerry (Massachusetts), and Ted Kennedy (Massachusetts) for no other reason then his beliefs differ politically from their own. So what if he’s more then qualified to sit on the bench? They know what’s better for you, or at least that’s what they tell you. On a more local level, this theory has borne out of Robert Graf’s Viewpoint editorial this past Thursday in which he compelled students to expel the ROTC program from campus.

Is it safe to assume I am not the only one who saw the irony in Graf’s choice to side with the Catholic Church in their opposition to the “immoral, unjust and illegal” war in Iraq? Pope Benedict XVI, as the late-Pope John Paul II had done before him, has been critical of the Jesuits, in particular to their involvement in Latin American politics and the “avant-garde direction” in which teachers have pushed theology. Before ascending to the papacy, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger condemned the theology of religious pluralism, as he had done toward liberation theology of the 1980s, as a threat to the existence of Roman Catholicism.

More importantly however, who are the Jesuits on this campus to speak down to us about maintaining Christian values? The presence of the ROTC program at Marquette University is hardly in need of discussion in light of other issues that confront this private educational institution. If the Jesuits are so concerned about maintain Christian values, why have they encouraged the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance which sponsors a ‘Coming Out Week’, an event which uses our activity fee money paid through our tuition, whether we support homosexuality or not, and the presentation of ‘Brokeback Mountain’, a gay-straight pamphlet piece the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Office for Film and Broadcasting labeled as ‘morally offensive’.

Robert Graf and his fellow liberal anti-war activists who blindly support his asinine opinion are no different from the college hippies of the 1960s. Teenage anti-war activists, some of whom were inspired by John ‘Purple Bandage’ Kerry, cost us victory in Vietnam and ostracized veterans as ‘baby killers’ and ‘murderers’. Intentionally or not, they are doing the exact same thing today.

The men and women who serve in the ROTC at Marquette University and across the country deserve our admiration and respect, not our condemnation and hate. Not only is it safe to say the anti-war activists like Robert Graf have no spine when it comes to defending this nation’s essential freedoms and principles, but they also lack the heart and soul which have made this country great.

Monday, February 6, 2006

Norwegian Muslims Want Blasphemy Law

Isn’t this what is known as a theocracy? Watch the spineless European multiculturalists fall like a deck of cards.

Blasphemy Case Against Adam and Eve Photo Exhibit

Oh, come on now! What isn’t considered an insult to Islam to these people?

British Muslims Riot Over Danish Free Speech

For them, expressing free speech through a cartoon is offensive but this isn’t.

Hmmm …


These are not doctored.

Hat tip: Little Green Footballs

Muslim Hypocrisy