Thursday, June 29, 2006

What's This About a World Cup?!

Cut-and-Run Dems


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Franklin Roosevelt Lied!

As much as I respect and admire Franklin D. Roosevelt for taking us through World War II I will never fully appreciate him as either a politician or a president. His unwillingness to take on the Nazis or the Japs earlier then he did (following Pearl Harbor which may or may not have been preventable) as well as his eerie obsession with Mussolini’s fascist Italy state and Stalin’s (or Uncle Joe as he called him) Communist empire, going so far as to socialize the farming industry (one of the worst economic decisions in this nation’s history) and embarking on what he called the New Deal which ultimately failed but helped spur this nation toward becoming a welfare state. He blamed individualism, something of which has been a profound element of this nation’s rich history since our founding in 1776, for the Great Depression. And while the left has been quick to blame George W. Bush for the so-called ‘economic turmoil’ we face today (in reality we could not be in better shape), they have continuously turned as blind eye to Roosevelt's failure and have left thousands, if not millions, of American college students ignorant.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Things I've Noticed While On the Job

I was working at Mrs. Potts (a soft-serve ice cream location) in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom a couple of days ago and I served a man wearing a rather clever t-shirt which read “Right Wing Hunter – Aim for the Left Wing”, an obvious poke at the Dick Cheney hunting incident, prominent with a duck on the front.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Judy Got Hosed!

This has been bugging me for quite some time and I just want to take the time right now to get it off my chest. There’s an attraction at Epcot (located at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida) called the Universe of Energy: Ellen’s Energy Adventure. In it comedian Ellen DeGeneres has a nightmare that she is on the game show Jeopardy against her old college roommate Dr. Judy Peterson and all the categories are about energy which she knows nothing about. The final Jeopardy answer is this: “This is the one source of energy that will never run out”. Although Judy answers “Nothing”, host Alex Trebek corrects her by saying the correct answer is what Ellen has written down, “Brainpower”. From an economic standpoint Judy’s right. There is no answer because no source of energy whether it is oil or anything else will ever run out for the simple reason that the price will continue to increase to the point where alternative sources of energy will be created at a cheaper price to off set the need for more expensive energy sources.

Holy Smoke and Mirrors

Friday, June 16, 2006

Communism - A Fashion Trend at Walt Disney World

The following are shots of t-shirts being sold at a merchandise location at the China pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida …

Thursday, June 15, 2006

On the Bright Side ...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

'Riding Out' Tropical Storm Alberto in Florida

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ann Coulter is Right

I have not had the chance to read Ann Coulter’s new book ‘Godless: The Church of Liberalism’ yet (I am almost finished with ‘The World is Flat’ though) but I agree with Kevin McCullough who says that liberals need to stop hiding behind emotions as they have done in regards to the war in Iraq and the war against terrorism in general and actually debate the issues. Coulter apparently beats up on the 9/11-widows in her new book who have criticized the Bush administration, in particular one woman who posts on The Huffington Post, and using the deaths of their husbands on 9/11 as leverage for their soapbox rantings.

Message From Above

Friday, June 9, 2006

MSM Response to al-Zarqawi's Death

Mike Boettcher tried in vein this morning on MSNBC to spin the al-Zarqawi story by quipping that a bombing in Iraq was made in response to the terrorist leader’s death when it reality it wasn’t.

Talk about the mainstream media being pessimistic. That’s an understatement really. Diane Sawyer in speaking with Bush-basher Richard Clarke on Good Morning America this morning believed that al-Zarqawi’s death was not going to make a big difference in Iraq.

MSNBC’s Milissa Rehberger suggested that al-Zarqawi’s ‘troubled childhood’ may have led him to a life of terrorism.

National Public Radio severely downplayed the significance of the terrorist leader’s death by simply calling it ‘symbolic’ and declaring that the insurgency in Iraq is not dead.

Another One Bites The Dust

At last! It has been confirmed that the al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who led the insurgency in Iraq was killed by U.S. Forces this morning. Democrats critical of the war in Iraq once again showed their true colors today by announcing that the death of al-Zarqawi was a stunt by the Bush administration to drum up support for the war. Others like the father of beheaded U.S. contractor Nick Berg feigned ignorance still insisting President George W. Bush, not al-Zarqawi, was to blame for his son’s death.

Monday, June 5, 2006

Gay Days at Walt Disney World

I suppose this is as good a time as any to discuss one of the Walt Disney Corporation’s dirty little secrets, Gay Days at the Walt Disney World resort. Although the Disney Corporation does not ‘officially’ sponsor the event, they sure as Hell don’t mind them bringing their money to central Florida and making full use of the company’s theme parks for their event. This past Saturday, June 3rd, the Magic Kingdom theme park was flooded with individuals wearing red shirts identifying them as homosexuals celebrating Gay Days. This was unquestionably one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. Believe me when I say I am not exaggerating. By now you should know from reading this blog that I have moral objections to homosexuality in general although I certainly do have friends who are indeed homosexuals. What happens in the privacy of your own home is none of my business but once you bring it into the public forum then it becomes an issue. I have found that in terms of what the corporation likes to call ‘preserving the magic’ the Walt Disney World resort talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. For example, the Walt Disney World resort refuses to sell alcoholic beverages inside the Magic Kingdom in order to ‘preserve the magic’ in spite of the fact that (a) many people either bring beer into the parks with them or are already intoxicated when they arrive and (b) they’d make a killing selling it here (you wouldn’t imagine the number of times I have been asked whether or not they sell beer inside the park). On the other hand they have no objections whatsoever to homosexuals walking around the park, holding hands, cuddling, kissing, or wearing sexually suggestive t-shirts that any straight person would be kicked out of the park for (one lesbian wore a t-shirt that read ‘If You Lick It, They Will Come’ while other homosexuals wore less offensive but still sexually suggestive t-shirts with such phrases as ‘Gold Digga’ and ‘You’ll Do’ printed on the front of them). I understand the economic potential of allowing Gay Days to proceed ‘under the radar’ here at the Walt Disney World resort but given how seriously Disney preaches ‘preserving the magic’ to its cast members, especially in regards to the College Program participants, I find this to be particularly hypocritical on their part.

An Inconvenient Truth

Friday, June 2, 2006

CNN Reporter Defends Marines

A CNN reporter (yeah, I’m as surprised as you are) has come forward to defend the marines accused of shooting innocent Iraqi civilians in Haditha saying they demonstrated remarkable restraint given the circumstances.

Iraq War Veteran Sues Michael Moore

A double-amputee who served in and supports Operation Iraqi Freedom has sued 'documentarian' Michael Moore for eighty-five million dollars for taking an old interview of him out of context and using it in Fahrenheit 9/11 to make it appear as though he was against the war.

The Haditha Story You Haven't Heard

Could this whole Haditha scandal be made-up for the purpose of revenge? Sweetness and Light is reporting that Reuters reporter Tim McGirk who first broke news of the story spent time with the Taliban over Thanksgiving 2001, shortly after the tragic event of 9/11, and claimed that they were nice guys. And another journalist from Reuters named Ali Omar Abrahem al-Mashhadani was also detained by the United States because of his ties to the insurgents. Wait, it gets better! The doctor who claimed that each of the fifteen bodies was shot in the chest and head at close range is prejudice against the US-led invasion of Iraq. I don’t know what to make of this. I hope in my heart that U.S. soldiers did this out of self-defense but I can’t say for sure. The evidence against the two journalists who reported it and the doctor who signed the death certificates does make me highly suspicious though.

Madison Newspaper Publishes 9/11 Conspiracy Editorial

From Little Green Footballs, the Madison Capital Times publishes the lunatic ravings of a tin-foil hat wearing 9/11 conspiracist.