Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Michael J. Fox Controversy

Here is the original advertisement with Michael J. Fox either play-acting or off his medications (in which case he is a danger to himself as well as others) … has directed us to a response advertisement featuring Jim Caviezel, Kurt Warner, and Patricia Heaton …

I could go on all day about this issue that adult stem cells have produced more cures then embryonic stem cells (which have produced none) and that the Democratic Party as Brian Collar correctively noted has essentially become the Third Reich in their selective destruction of human life to further their political agenda but I have a lot of things to do. That and I’ll likely be discussing this issue, as well as others, when I write an editorial for the Marquette Tribune next week to sum up what this state is facing in this year’s election and why students should vote for Mark Green instead of ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle. In the meantime, visit Life Issues which breaks down the arguments in the debate over adult and embryonic stem cell research.