Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Don't Believe Media Hype About Global Warming!

I have about had it with this ever growing global warming hysteria. I know this has been building up for some time now but I feel it is time for me to slap some people in the face and wake them up from this delirious paranoia. I mean we have the NFL planting trees in Miami “tackle the [Super Bowl] game's heat-trapping gas emissions” and European beatniks (the equivalent of the American hippie but in a separate sub-species of free-loaders and unemployed losers) spending five minutes in complete darkness pretending it will make a difference – while at the same time trotting around campus with their iPods and all other forms of electronic gizmos.

Read the following and get educated …

24 Criticized by CAIR

I am a huge fan of the FOX drama series 24. I have missed only one episode so far this season and that was because I was on my way back from Washington DC where I attended the March for Life event (photos of which will be posted on this site shortly). That is why any significant news related to the show I jump on immediately.

I found it particularly ironic that the hit-show 24 was coming under fire (figuratively) for supposedly “fuelling anti-Muslim prejudice with its latest storyline” from CAIR, a Muslim advocacy group which has been vastly criticized for its terrorist ties and support of terrorist organizations.

For example:

Nihad Awad was quoted by the Muslim World Monitor as saying that the 1993 World Trade Center bombing trial was "a travesty of justice," and suggested that "there is ample evidence indicating that both the Mossad and the Egyptian Intelligence played a role in the explosion'".

December 2001: Rabih Haddad, a CAIR fundraiser, was arrested and deported “because he was the executive director and co-founder of Global Relief Foundation, a terrorist front organization that for financing Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

The Washington Times pointed out “‘unsettling connections between certain CAIR officials and extremist groups’ continued to exist and that CAIR's defense of high-ranking members convicted of terrorism amounted to a ‘dishonest campaign to create the sense of a widespread inquisition against Muslims and Arabs in America that simply doesn't exist’”.

In December 2004 CAIR was named as a defendant “in a class-action lawsuit relating to the 9/11 terror attacks”. The complaint alleged that CAIR was and is a “front organization for Hamas that engages in propaganda for Islamic militants," and "manipulate[s] the legal systems of the United States and Canada in a manner that allows them to silence critics, analysts, commentators, media organizations, and government officials by leveling false charges of discrimination, libel, slander and defamation”.

CAIR alleged that there were seven million Muslims living in America when in reality a University of Chicago survey in 2002 found that 1.89 million Muslims were living in the United States as of 2000 and a 2001 survey conducted by the Graduate Center of the City University of New York found that only 1.1 million Muslims lived in this country.

CAIR has been accused of doctoring a press conference photo so that all women, Muslim or non-Muslim, were seen wearing the hijab.

Disney Discriminating Again with Year of a Million Dreams Campaign?

This is the second is what is expected to be a series of spats against the Walt Disney Company’s Year of a Million Dreams campaign developed for their theme park division.

Lisa and Jim Fouch of DeWitt, Michigan and their two children, Brad and Hannah, were the first ‘randomly’ selected family to spend a night in the Cinderella Castle suite. Notice how nearly identical the Fouch family is to the Spangler family which in October 2006 won the Magic Kingdom theme park all to themselves, much to the displeasure of fellow guests unaware of the event that day. The perfect middle-class suburban white nuclear family: two parents (a man and a woman) and two dotting children (a boy and a girl respectively). Is this conspiracy paranoia? Perhaps, I am in a Kennedy Assassination course but this is more based in common sense. I have no doubts that those selected from here on out for the rest of the Year of a Million Dreams campaign for the Cinderella Castle suite will be from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities but I find it particularly suspicious that the first families selected for these prizes (the Castle suite and the day in the park) were ‘randomly’ selected and both turned out to be, as I said previously, the perfect nuclear family. I’m no math expert but I bet the odds of that happening are astronomical when you consider the variety of individuals who visit Walt Disney World every day of the year.

But here’s the thing that really gets me. In my last post criticizing Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams campaign I jokingly commented how the media conglomerate was discriminating against ugly people. This time however I am not joking. Disney really is discriminating against groups of individuals, namely pregnant women, those with disabilities, heart conditions, and young children under a specific height limit.

According to the promotional rules you can win a night stay in Cinderella’s Castle on a medical and/or height restricted attraction. This “means all you people who are pregnant, have back or neck injuries, can't transfer from your wheelchair” or are not tall enough to board a certain attraction are left out of the loop in terms of winning the big prize(s). Not only does this go against the spirit of winning but it is down-right unlawful in the state of Florida.

Florida law states: “(2) It is unlawful for any operator: (a) To design, engage in, promote, or conduct such a game promotion, in connection with the promotion or sale of consumer products or services, wherein the winner may be predetermined or the game may be manipulated or rigged so as to: … 2. Allocate a winning game or part thereof to a particular period of the game promotion or to a particular geographic area; (b) Arbitrarily to remove, disqualify, disallow, or reject any entry”.

Is Disney violating the law? You be the judge!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Science Damn You!

Classes for second semester were going well up until late-afternoon today. I took Human Evolutionary Processes to fulfill the biological science requirement for political science majors. I disagree politically and personally with Darwinism and believe thoroughly in the theory of intelligent design. I am by no means a ‘Bible Thumper’ (as a college student I have chosen personally to take a break from organized religion though I am certainly biased toward Roman Catholicism simply because that is what I raised as). I took the class (1) out of necessity – another science class I planned to take had already filled up when I registered for classes – and (2) in the hopes that I would able to get through it in spite of my personal convictions. You do have to know your enemy after all. But after this afternoon’s introductory class I am having doubts whether I will be able to get through the semester without a serious ulcer, let alone maintaining my sanity. Professor Norman Sullivan who teaches the class made it known that he was a devout Darwinist (apparently it is an organized religion among atheists … I mean, scientists I suppose) and proceeded to compare creationists or believers in the theory of intelligent design to people who believe the world is flat. He then identified the entire concept of intelligent design as (direct quote) ‘crap’. Talking to him after class he defined creationists or those who object to the theory of natural selection as people who believe that ‘the world was created five-thousand years ago’.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Globe Predictions

Best Television Series (Drama) - 24

As much as I want to pull for LOST, I have to give it up to 24. It was their best season yet and it deserves the win.
Best Performance By An Actor (Drama) - Kiefer Sutherland
Best Performance By An Actress (Drama) - Ellen Pompeo
Grey's Anatomy seems to be the 'IT' thing. Personally I hate it because it is way too soap-opera-ish for my tastes.
Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy) - The Office
This is a guess because I don't watch any of these shows.
Best Performance By An Actor (Musical or Comedy) - Alec Baldwin
I hate to be cynical but this is the foreign press we are talking about here. They'll award him for his 'brilliant' opposition to the war in Iraq and the global warming.
Best Performance By An Actress (Musical or Comedy) - America Ferrera
Best Motion Picture (Drama) - The Departed
I have not seen any of these movies, so this is a total shot in the dark.
Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) - Little Miss Sunshine
Best Performance By An Actor (Drama) - Forest Whitaker
Best Performance By a Supporting Actor - Eddie Murphy
Best Performance By An Actress (Drama) - Helen Mirren
Best Performance By a Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson
Best Performance By An Actor (Musical or Comedy) - Johnny Depp
Best Performance By An Actress (Musical or Comedy) - Meryl Streep
I just want to see her give another hilarious drunken anti-American rant like she did last time. It would make my evening.
Best Foreign Language Film - Letters to Iwo Jima
Best Animated Picture - Cars
Not Pixar's best work to date (it is likely their second-to-worst just ahead of A Bug's Life is my opinion) but even on an off day their work is above everybody else.

Kid Got Tig-owned!

This video is a follow-up to a story this site ran on January 7th and is presented purely in jest (because the kid is a douche-bag), so enjoy!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jack is Back!

Yes! Finally! The sixth season of the Emmy Award-winning series 24 premieres tonight (and tomorrow – four hours in all) on FOX. For the past two weeks I have been watching the fourth and fifth season of the action-drama series on DVD, so I’m really pumped for this evening.

I’ll be back late tonight (I slept most of the day – the last time I will be able to since school at Marquette University begins this Tuesday) with a ton of updates, including my predictions for the Golden Globes on Monday.

The Bears Still Suck

Damn you, Coach Mike Holmgren! Damn you to Hell!

Sorry, ravings of a frustrated Packers fan.

At least Philadelphia (a team which in my opinion is highly overrated, along with their quarterback) is out of the picture. Could this be New Orleans’ year? And, more importantly, if they win the Super Bowl then will the Saints’ owner get his long desired wish to move the team to another city?

Is FOX Set to Blow the Nukes on 24?

Source: Drudge Report

Tonight and tomorrow the action-drama series 24 will make its sixth season debut on FOX. More importantly, not to mention controversially, the storyline for Day Six will be ripped straight from the headlines as it raises concerns pertaining to Guantanamo Bay, the Patriot Act, Muslim rights in the United States, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and, above all, the threat this nation faces from low-charge nuclear attacks, a scenario which was played out in a recently released CIA report.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Condoleezza Rice Loves Fox News

How dare the secretary of state speak positively of the FOX News network! Proof Hillary’s ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ exists!

I suppose if we had a liberally-biased media in this country this would count as news … oh, wait!

Please Contribute Donations or Service to Mitt Romney's Exploratory Committee

Nazi Pelosi Bans Smoking in the House

The smoke-filled room look is out; the $1,000 per plate dinner with Hollywood celebrities is the more appropriate and ‘ethical’ image for Democrats to schmooze with those pesky House lobbyists.

The Democrats are back!!

Alec Baldwin Sees Link Between Global Warming and War in Iraq

Actor Alec Baldwin has said some flat-out stupid stuff ever since he got the paranoid delusion in his head that American society care about what he thought in relation to this country’s foreign policy or that it mattered critically to the direction this nation was moving toward but this is one for the books. In his latest rant at the Huffington Post the actor said, “All around us are signs of global climate change. And this administration's response is to send in more troops. If you don't think there is a link between the weather and Iraq, you are wrong”.

So let’s get this straight – we’re losing the war in Iraq because Bush should never have put us there in the first place (it’s called cut-and-run) and as a result out planet is suffering under the effects of global warming because our federal government is focusing too much attention on national security and the war against terrorism then a hypocritical environmental theory (let’s not forget ‘global cooling’ in the 1970s – I suppose the Vietnam War was to blame for that).

A Hope, A Chance

While once again this has nothing to do with politics fans of Marquette University’s Men’s Basketball team will be glad to know that their Warriors snapped UConn’s thirty-one home game winning streak with their victory on Wednesday evening. It was Marquette University’s first win in the Big East Conference this season.

The 800-Pound Guerilla

Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on January 11th, 2006

Cut and Run

Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on January 9th, 2006

Madame Speaker

Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on January 4th, 2006

Genocidal Logic

Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on December 17th, 2006

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Dire Global Warming Image Presented on The Simpsons

I have said before but I will say it again, the long-running FOX animated series The Simpsons has over stayed its welcome on television. It use to be funny but now that it has become stuck-up on its political messages – take for instance their overtly on-the-nose criticism of the US-led invasion of Iraq in their last Halloween special – it has grown increasingly old.

The latest example of this comes from the program’s first new episode of the new year in which Marge and Lisa after entering an oceanographic institute come across a display which shows a model of New York City flooding within three years as a result of the effects of Global Warming – complete with dead people floating on the top of the water.

Click the picture to the left to watch the video clip.

Monday, January 8, 2007

And Have You Seen Obama Walk on Water?!

Canadian Court Says Boy Can Have Two Moms and a Father

How far away is America from this?

Dems' Vow for Five Day House Work Week Broken ... In Less Then a Week!

The Democrats in the House campaigned on a five-day work week but they have already broken their promise according to the Drudge Report. What a surprise!

And what is their all important reason for taking Monday off? The championship football game between Ohio State and the University of Florida!

Yes, the Democrats are back!

AP Study: War is Bad for Your Health

Duh! How much taxpayer money was wasted on this bogus report? Please note how the Associated Press implemented no control factors within their study.

Saddam Hussein's Full Execution Video

It makes you think. If Adolf Hitler were captured alive today, tried, and then executed for crimes against humanity, would he receive the same type of treatment the mainstream media is giving Saddam Hussein?

WARNING!! The following is the entire video of Saddam Hussein’s execution. Obviously it is not suitable for work, around children, or for those with weak constitutions.

This scene from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut I threw in here just for kicks.

New York Independent Party Wants Lindsay Lohan to Run for Office

You know your party is out of fresh ideas (or else it is time to elect a new party chairman) when you call on Lindsay Lohan to run for New York City Public Advocate, a position next in line to the mayor.

CNN Asks, "Where's Obama?"

Is Carrie Underwood a Curse for the Cowboys?

I’m joking, of course. But you do have to wonder what has been wrong with Tony Romo. The past two or three weeks (the length of time it has been since he went public with his relationship with American Idol winner Carrie Underwood – hence the joke) he has played like crap.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

R.I.P. Gerald Ford (1913 - 2006)

I was watching the seventh season of The Simpsons, which I got for Christmas, this past weekend and I noticed Gerald Ford who recently passed away made an appearance at the end of the episode entitled ‘Two Bad Neighbors’. This truly speaks to character which identified with the common American. As this will likely be the only way the current generation will remember a great American like Gerald Ford, I thought it was appropriate to post it here in memory of him.

We’ll miss you, Gerry!

Tigger in Trouble ... Again!

It’s not so wonderful to be a Tigger this weekend as the famous costume character was suspected of striking a teenager in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida.

First read the article then watch the video of Tigger’s interaction with the teenager.

What do I think? Personally I think there’s nothing to the accusation. Look at the kid. There’s not a scratch on him, not even a bruise on his cheek where Tigger supposedly ‘hit’ him. The father who sounds like a typical New Yorker or somewhere from the northeast (if that tells you anything) is rather aggressive in describing the situation. And notice how defensive the teenager gets when he’s interrogated by the news reporter questioning him whether he provoked the incident. He looks as though he knows he’ll be in deep trouble if he is caught making all this up.

It doesn’t look like Tigger punched him at all. The way I look at it the man in the Tigger costume was being crowded by these kids with his back to the fence and lost his footing. Rather then potentially fall backward (either injuring himself or losing Tigger’s head and horrifying little children waiting in line to pose for pictures with him) he tried to grab the teenager’s arm.

Some else on a Disney message board has suggested that the teenager provoked the incident If you watch the video the teenager’s left hand is behind Tigger and it appears as though he is trying to do something with his left hand behind Tigger’s back (maybe trying to be a smart ass and get his hand under the costume or something to that effect). The person in the costume naturally reacted to being violated like that.

In either case it doesn’t look like the teenager was hit that hard. It looks more like a slap then anything else. This is likely another situation of a family overreacting and trying to cash in. I swear to God you’ll probably see this kid on some afternoon trash talk show in the near future telling people he can’t sleep anymore and needs therapy because every time he closes his eyes he imagines Tigger is punching him. If this kid thinks he got it rough on vacation, just wait until he gets back home. How would you like to be this kid and going to school knowing full well that everyone knows you were beaten up at Walt Disney World by a costume character? Here come the swirlies!

My only hope is that this won’t produce a chain reaction among guests who want to follow the same trend this family has set and try to cash in by accusing costume characters at the theme parks of fondling them or assaulting them in any way.

This is the second time in two years that a cast member dressed as Tigger has been in hot water. In 2004 Tigger was accused of touching a thirteen year old girl's breast while she posed for a picture with him. The man in the costume was later found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

We Lost to a Color!

Alright, this has nothing to do with politics per say but I am so irritated right now that I simply need to vent my frustration.

The Marquette University Men’s Basketball desperately needed to win this evening against Syracuse to remain in contention in the Big East Conference after their loss in their conference opener against Providence this past Thursday.

In short they were horrible. Sloppy passing, terrible shots … James couldn’t get a basket if his life depended on it tonight. I don’t like to be pessimist but if they keep playing the way they did this evening not only will we not make the NCAA Tournament, we’ll be lucky enough to be in contention in the NIT Tournament.

… Additionally, it didn’t help matters that some how three people wearing Syracuse clothing made it into Section 106 of the Student Section. There’s something very unsettling about that.