Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mission: Impossible III Promotion Confused With Bomb in L.A.

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (AP) - A newspaper promotion for Tom Cruise's upcoming "Mission: Impossible III" got off to an explosive start when a county arson squad blew up a news rack, thinking it contained a bomb.

The confusion: the Los Angeles Times rack was fitted with a digital musical device designed to play the "Mission: Impossible" theme song when the door was opened. But in some cases, the red plastic boxes with protruding wires were jarred loose and dropped onto the stack of newspapers inside, alarming customers.
In an age where fears of Islamic terrorism are a common occurrence in our daily lives, who at either Paramount Pictures or the Los Angeles Times seriously thought this was a reasonable and sound idea? I’m still going to see the movie though. Not that I am a big Tom Cruise fan but it is J.J. Abrams’s (the creator of Alias and LOST) motion picture directorial debut.

Bush Skewers Self - Video of White House Correspondents Dinner

NBC's Today Concert Promotes Illegal Immigration

I have never understood why people are so obsessed with Shakira. Sure, she’s hot, but so what? That doesn’t make her singing or her songs any good. Well, she performed on the TODAY Show this past Friday with Colombian singer Wyclef Jean who wore a shirt advertising a strike of illegal immigrants on May 1st, 2006. I was not aware of such an event but if it’s true then this is the perfect opportunity for the federal government to round them up and ship them back from where they came from. I don’t know who would be more stupid – those who actually participate in this strike exposing them as illegal immigrants or the federal government nothing doing a damn thing about it.

Jolie: Spend 'Whatever It Takes' to Extend 'No Child Left Behind' to Entire World

According to an interview with the TODAY Show, political activist/actress Angelina Jolie wants ‘No Child Left Behind’ to be applied to the whole world and on the dime of American Taxpayers.

"No child left behind means no child left behind. And that isn't [just] with what we feel we can give right now, but with whatever it takes. Britain gives three times more than us right now. They are not richer than us. So I don't know what the great excuse is"
This woman needs to let political activism go! I know it’s her ‘calling’ but then why is she still acting? Juggling a so-called movie career, raising her children (last time I checked she was pregnant with two adopted children already), and an affair with Brad Pitt is bound to make her a nervous wreck but perhaps that is for the best. Seriously, even a fair amount of liberals I know do not support ‘No Child Left Behind’ and it was written by Ted Kennedy!

Congratulations Are In Order

First off, congratulations to Tony Snow, FOX News reporter and conservative commentator, on being appointed the new White House press secretary. McClellan was a good guy and all but I felt he wasn’t as well prepared for the job as he should have been and that’s why the administration has been hammered by the press as badly as they have been this year.

And second, congratulations to Dan Maciejewski, Katie Dorman, John Connors, and Allison Herre to being elected to next year’s Marquette University College Republican e-board. Dan will serve a second straight term as chairman, Katie was named vice-chair, Connors will serve as treasurer, and Allison was voted in as secretary. Good luck to all!

Human Events Names Madison as Seventh Most Liberal City in America

Source: Human Events

Represented by Democrat Tammy Baldwin (ACU lifetime: 3%; 2005: 0%), a public lesbian who has pushed for extension of hate crime protection to people victimized because of gender, sexual orientation and disabilities. City Council supported a "cities for peace" resolution before the Iraq War began. Was one of 24 Wisconsin cities that supported a "Bring the Troops Home Now" referendum advocating immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Homeland Security - MU Division Endorses Dan Maciejewski for MUCR Chair

Tomorrow evening Marquette University College Republicans will vote for who they want to represent them on the e-board of the campus organization. With that in mind The Office of Homeland Security – MU Division has chosen to endorse Dan Maciejewski, the acting MUCR Chair, for a second term. We feel that in the past year he has demonstrated the precise qualities required for the position. With the state of Wisconsin expected to be in the limelight come November in the highly contested governor’s race, we see no need to deter from the status quo. Why fix what isn’t broken?

Of course, like most political endorsements, this means nothing because it will be up to the voters themselves to decide. However, we do hope that our fellow College Republicans will take Dan Maciejewski into consideration for chairman, we wish the best of luck to the others candidates, and we hope to see you at the last MUCR meeting of the year tomorrow evening in the Alumni Union.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Hillary Omen? ABC to Impeach First Female Prez

Boo-yah! Who saw this coming? Sure, it took longer then I anticipated but Commander-in-Chief appears to be officially on the rocks. I guess the nation wasn’t ready for the first female president. Unless the political drama series can pick up a few extra million viewers in the next few episodes, ABC is all but ready to cancel it. Hilary must be hoping life doesn’t imitate art.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just When You Thought Hollywood Left Had Reached It's Limit ...

… director Eli Roth (‘Hostel’) blames President Bush for the rise of horror films because of his administration’s failure to help after Hurricane Katrina (someone please explain to me the connection between the aftermath of Katrina and the rise in horror films because I can’t see it), the ‘disorganized’ United States army, the ‘seemingly unending war’ in Iraq, and calls for Rumsfeld’s resignation.

Soviet Communism as Fashion Statement

Access Hollywood correspondent (and wannabe actor on the side) Tim Vincent sees communism not just as a totalitarian dictatorship that killed hundreds of millions of innocent people and set Eastern Europe back about fifty if not a hundred years but also a fashion statement.

Pop Star Pink Attacks Bush in New Song ‘Dear Mr. President’

The ‘artist’ known as Pink has joined the lengthy laundry list of stuck-up Hollywood celebrities shooting their mouths off about President George W. Bush. A song off her new album ‘I’m Not Dead Yet’ (sadly) called ‘Dear Mr. President’ (her originality speaks volumes) attacks President George W. Bush for among other things ‘No Child Left Behind’ (something we surprisingly agree on but then again that is what happens when you let Ted Kennedy and compassionate conservatism run amok), his religious views on abortion and same-sex marriage [Here are the lyrics: “What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away / And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay”] (Pink sees herself as ‘bisexual’ – in other words she wants to have her cake and eat it too without facing the consequences of actually making a mature choice), the war in Iraq (what kind of liberal rant would it be without it), and, hypocritically, his supposed past drug and alcohol abuse (I would like to think she done plenty of both so I can't understand why she's criticizing him about it).

Georgia Tech Student Charged in Terror Plot

A student from Georgia Tech named Syed Ahmed has been arrested by the FBI on charges related to providing material support for terrorist groups and conspiring against the United States government. Even though he and his parents became official U.S. citizens after emigrating from Pakistan, Syed became increasingly influenced by Islam and attended a terrorist training camp located in Pakistan last year.

Belated Earth Day Greetings

Friday, April 21, 2006

Russia Says No Iran Sanctions Without Proof

In other words, never. Thanks you spineless communist bastards.

Dante Isn't Alone

A late-17th century statue of a man, generally believed to be the prophet Mohammed, subdued by the angels with a Koran in his hands taken in the Church of Our Lady in Belgium.

Still think rioting over a cartoon is reasonable?

Farce of Nature

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bush Death Threat Tied to Purdue Student

Get this. Vikram Buddhi, an Indian national studying at Purdue University on a student visa, posted threats on an online message board to kill President Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, First Lady Laura Bush, and the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as well as inviting readers to bomb the United States, rape American and British women, and to kill all Republicans. His lawyer, John Martin, arguing that boys-will-be-boys, believes this case to be a violation of his client’s first amendments rights stating, “What was allegedly said certainly is derogatory and may be inflammatory but there’s no real serious threat more than it was chat on the Web.” This sounds like a case that is right up the ACLU’s alley. Where are they in all of this? Seriously, they can’t be far behind on this one.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dante's Inferno Makes Danish Cartoons Look Like a Drop in the Bucket

Source: Michelle Malkin


"Isn't that man there, split in two from head to navel, Mohammed?" Dante asks Virgil.

"Yes and he is cut in two because he has divided society," Virgil replies. "While that woman there, with the burning coals, represents the politics of Italy towards Islam."


Inferno XXVIII, 19-42.

The poets are in the ninth
chasm of the eighth circle, that of the Sowers of
Discord, whose punishment is to be mutilated.
Mahomet shows his entrails to Dante and Virgil
while on the left stands his son Ali, his head cleft
from chin to forelock.

Hanoi Jane Tosses In Towel on Anti-War Tour

… now that she is no longer promoting her autobiography. Hell, if you can’t make money off it, why have convictions, right? And since when has this so-called ‘baggage’ stopped her from shooting her mouth off before? Chicken!!

Club Crashers

Friday, April 14, 2006

Sad, But True

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hispanics: Fcuk the Law

Compare the New York Times photo above with shots below of what really took place at this immigration rallies ...

Cal Students Take It Off to Protest Sweatshop Labor

Ummm … This is meant to ward off sweat-shop labor? They seem fairly attractive (unlike most aging hippies), so I would think this would have the exact opposite effect. But that’s just me.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Seven Parsippany Students Suspended for MySpace Accounts

First Facebook and now MySpace … the censorship continues.

Climate of Fear

Intriguing opinion piece which argues that dissenting scientists are being forced into silence by global-warming alarmists.

Indonesia Muslim Hardliners Attack Playboy Building

Sure, and the sexual revolution liberals complain about Catholicism in the United States. Please!

Immigration Rally Organizer Tied to Marxist Party

Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) is an off-shoot of an anti-capitalism of the International Action Coalition, an anti-capitalism group founded by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark” … so much for the argument that illegal immigrants contribute to the economy, at least from their side of the fence. Why am I not surprised by this? More so, why I am not surprised this will fail to make the evening news (along with the picture which accompanies this post)?


The Commercialization of Easter

Rush Limbaugh Talks with Creators of 24

Source: The Hollywood Blacklist

Check video (courtesy of News Fly) of conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh talk with Joel Surnow and Howard Gordon the creators of the hit drama 24 starring Keither Sutherland.

And don’t forget to check out Blogs 4 Bauer for the latest information regarding the hit drama series 24.

Hilary, Jesus, and Immigration

Friday, April 7, 2006

Like Clockwork, Thomas Buttry Makes An Ass of Himself

Let me start off by saying that even though I do not recall ever meeting former Marquette Tribune editorial writer Thomas Buttry, I find him to be an arrogant prick. He sent me an e-mail this past Tuesday evening with his e-mail attached. He informed me that if I wished to respond to his editorial response to my article that I could send it to him easily. To be quite honest I wasn’t willing to give his article the time of day but now I plan to do so just to spite him. And, no, I do not intend to go out of my way (as small as it may be) to e-mail it to him directly. Having worked for the Tribune, I believe he is well aware of this blog and if he wishes to read and respond to it, he should come here.

“While the pace seems to have slowed a bit this year — apparently he no longer aspires to be a de facto member of the Tribune staff — he came through with what can only be described as a true gem on April 4”
That’s the trouble with this year not being an election year, unlike my freshmen year when I wrote numerous editorials, some of which were never published in the Tribune (damn that four week rule).

“Not only did he make himself out to be a true caricature of an American ideologue, he also seemed downright (dare I say it?) French”

No, if I were French then I’d be waving the white flag.

“For instance, Kastner feels that illegal immigrants "have no right to have their voices heard in this debate." Ask any Franco-Muslim — especially an immigrant — what the French feel about their rights to express themselves. I think the French would largely echo Kastner's sentiment. Fortunately, where I come from (America), we feel that all men — and, perhaps to Kastner's surprise, women — have been endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights”
Whoa! A sexist?! There’s a new one from the left! I’ve been called many things in the past two at Marquette University (a triumphant tribute to the value of Jesuit Catholic teachings), among them a racist and a Nazi, but a sexist?! I swear he pulled that one out of his ass. When have ever written anything insinuating such a charge? Then again, with the left on campus, they don’t need much to incite such egregious charges. That comment, first off, was way out of line and uncalled for.

Second, it saddens me, Mr. Buttry, to see that history is not of greater importance to you. At the time these words were written, women were not allowed to vote (or own property), blacks were slaves, and Catholics were persecuted (along with other minority religions like the Quakers – not burned at the stake mind you but despised by the Protestant majority). Doesn’t it seem a bit hypocritical on their part to be saying ‘all men are created equal’? Apparently they thought men weren’t created equal which, in a certain sense, is true. Is a rapist, a child molester, or a murderer on an equal playing field as a petty thief? No! Are an al Qaeda terrorist and a US Marine one in the same? No! Should an illegal immigrant be treated the same as a full-fledged US citizen? Hell no!

And third, there is a tremendous difference between inalienable rights and the rule of law. The Bill of Rights covered free speech but the line you took from the Declaration of Independence merely referenced ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’, something substantially different. With that in mind, however, these rights are not guaranteed for all of humanity simply because not all nations recognize the same set of human rights we or other nations do. While we as a nation strive to have all human beings

“Another pearl from Kastner's mind is this: "To this day I have yet to fully grasp why Hispanics who came to the United States legally are so adamant in their support, intentional or not, of illegal immigration. Stop waving the Mexican flag and start thinking sensibly for a moment."

Well, Joseph, could it be that Hispanic immigrants are supportive of immigration in general? Could it also be that the currently allowed levels of legal immigration are so astonishingly low that the United States has left Hispanics who support immigration with little other option?”
Well, Thomas, if Hispanic immigrants are as supportive of immigration in general as you say they are, why are they waving Mexican flags? Wouldn’t it make sense that if you were in support of Hispanics immigrating to the United States that you would be waving American flags? And it is not just the waving of Mexican flags that has me upset about these ‘immigration rallies’ – it is the fact that they are burning American flags, replacing American flags with Mexican flags at high schools, and carrying signs which read ‘We Didn’t Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Us’ and ‘This is Our Continent, Not Yours’. I don’t know about you but to me that doesn’t sound like they are in support of immigration at all. That sounds like they are in support of invasion which is what illegal immigration is.

And just because legal immigration quotas are so low automatically makes it okay for Hispanics to flaunt American rule of law? Tell me how that makes sense! Why have borders to begin with? Why not let anyone who wants to come to this country, for good or ill, come here, whether they be hard working Hispanics or members of al Qaeda.

Furthermore, if you had taken the time to actually read the entire article before you decided to rant about it you would have noticed that I was in support of lifting the quota restrictions and making it much easier for people who want to come to the United States legally, thus making the incentives for crossing the border illegally all the less enticing. Read the entire article before you decide to make an ass of yourself.

“Kastner truly wants to keep the Mexican flag-wavers (I wonder if he objects to Irish flags outside of many local pubs?) out of our country, perhaps he should be encouraging us to abandon the free-trade capitalist system that creates the demand so many immigrants to come into our country. I think we all know another”
I am not opposed to people who want to wave the Mexican flag. Personally, I think its idiotic and hypocritical to be waving the flag of the country you escaped from instead of the flag of the country you fled to, but that’s just me. If Mexico is bad enough that you risk illegally immigrating to the United States, why would you want to be reminded of the country you fled from? Why celebrate Mexican Independence Day in the country you escaped from? Would you celebrate the 4th of July if you moved to France or (God forbid) Mexico? No! I am not opposed to anything that celebrates the heritage of your ancestors as long as it doesn’t spit in the face of the country you live in now.

“However, he just can't help himself and the record starts to skip again with conservative boilerplate rhetoric: time to build a fence, time to build a moat, time to let the black knight from Monty Python patrol our borders”
Well clearly what we have now doesn’t work because more and more illegal aliens keep crossing the border into this country every year. It is simple economics. The costs have to outweigh the benefits. Right now, crossing the US-Mexican border illegally is much more inviting then applying for legal citizenship because there is less paper work (or in the case of illegally immigrating, none) and the worst this country does to illegal immigrants who are caught is to send them back to Mexico (only for them to cross right back over the next day). Building a huge concrete fence or a ditch with barbed wire intimidates potential illegal immigrants and prevents them from crossing the border into this country illegally. If it works, why complain? Furthermore, drop the comedy act - it's not funny, it's just stupid.

“Then comes the coup de grace: "The first person to be caught crossing the border illegally is to be arrested live on television. This will send a clear signal to other potential illegals that we mean business."

Yeah, I'm sure that will be a hit on Mexican television. I can see Univision beaming this image around Latin America and all of a sudden all potential "illegals" (it must be comforting to think that Hispanic immigrants aren't people, but things) will realize the err of their ways”
How about a thing called CNN? They don’t have CNN in Mexico? How about C-SPAN? Headline News? Hmmm, they seem to get them okay in Iraq but it much be more difficult in Mexico I suppose. And since when did ‘illegals’ become a dirty word? Oh, that’s right – the union of Hispanic journalists is demanding that bloggers no longer use that word because it is offensive. Well if the boot fits …

'South Park' Goes After Mohammad Censorship

South Park does it again! Having successfully parodied the overhyped MSM Hurricane Katrina coverage (‘Two Days After The Day After Tomorrow’) they now sets their sights on the Muhammad cartoon row. This is supposely part one of a two-parter, but the concensus seems to indicate that the joke will be that they will never air the second part (Comedy Central whimping out).

Click the picture on the left to watch the video!

Word to MUSG - We're Catholics, Not Muslims

And speaking of the gay cowboy movie, I object to the Marquette Tribune’s Campus Readies For 'Brokeback' Showing article which ran in Thursday’s edition. Reading for what? Do they expect ‘gay-bashing’ Catholic conservatives to riot in the streets? And MUSG approached the Gay-Straight Alliance about this film but not the Catholic or conservative organizations? Doesn’t it make more sense to approach the student organizations which might have the most objections to the film being screened on campus? And what about the four other contenders for Best Picture? I may have personally objections to Munich and Good Night & Good Luck (they distort history), but how come we are showing only one of five Oscar nominees for Best Picture? Why not screen Capote? Truman Capote was gay and this would have been a less controversial picture to screen on campus and still fulfill their obligation to be diversified.

Homophobia Sweeps Marquette?

Daniel Suhr of in his ‘Grab Bag’ post for the day jumped on this bit of news earlier but I thought it was worth mentioning again. As if MU Diversity hadn’t pounded the idea of homophobia into our ideas at Freshmen Orientation (basically if you objected to having a gay roommate, you were homophobic), they are sponsoring Psychology of Homophobia featuring Dr. Gregory Herek on April 20th. First the Gay/Straight Alliance then Brokeback Mountain and now this – I’m so glad I chose a private college educational institution and that may activity fee money is going to such a ‘worthy’ cause.

The Chronicles of McKinney

News Fly has kindly provided a series of video links chronicling the whole Cynthia McKinney escapade (I promise, this is the last time we will ever mention this embarrassing episode) including the Congresswoman’s ‘Don't Hate Me Because I'm Black’ statement to the press, the ‘I Don't Look Different’ response on CNN, Soledad on CNN's American Morning giving McKinney what for, DeLay calling McKinney a racist on Fox and Friends, and her eventual apology (too little, too late).

Thursday, April 6, 2006

McKinney Apologizes on House Floor

… Simply because it distracts from making the Congressional Republicans look bad

… Then again, for some people, once they grab hold of the spotlight, it’s hard to take it off them permanently.

Illegals, You Are Here

DeLay Steps Down

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Disorder at the Border

Beware the Flying Boat of Allah!