Monday, October 23, 2006

Sarah Cotton and Fair Wisconsin Spread Lies on MU Campus

Sarah Cotton and the Marquette University Fair Wisconsin student organization (yes, at a private institution, I am not joking – blame the idiots at the Office of Student Development for this blunder) are spreading lies on campus and openly deceiving students not fully informed about the proposed ban on gay marriage in Wisconsin, as if that’s a surprise.

According to the hand-out Sarah Cotton and her band of wacked-out liberal cronies are giving students outside the Raynor Library as I am typing this (noon on October 23rd, 2006) it makes the following statement: “But gay marriage is already illegal in WI … … … .. This amendment takes things too far”. That is a flat-out lie! A 50-state rundown on gay marriage laws in the United States shows that “No DOMA, but state supreme court ruling and Attorney's General opinion held that only heterosexual marriages are legal”. And, as we have clearly seen in Massachusetts, that without this amendment Wisconsin is “just one lawsuit and one judge’s vote away from becoming another Massachusetts or Vermont”.