Thursday, November 30, 2006

(If) O.J. (Had) Started It

Overdoing It?

Women Talk Three Times More Then Men

That’s right, a new research study has proven scientifically that women talk three times more then men. What’s even more shocking is that the research study found that talking gives the female sex a high similar to that of heroin addicts because the “process triggers a flood of brain chemicals”.

I can hear the Neo-Femi-Nazis bitching now, “Oh, how can any one be so sexist as to publish this as a scientific study?!”

Pelosi Passes Hastings For Intel Chair

A prime example of how things are not all well within the House that Pelosi built. I said it before and I’ll say again, Pelosi has no clue what she is getting into. The next two years are going to be a disaster for the Democratic Party. Personally however I praise decision because Hastings is corrupt.

San Diego Bans Wal-Mart Supercenters

City council officials in San Diego have apparently never heard of the concept of economic freedom. Perhaps they do so long as they aren’t grocery stores at an excess of 90,000 square feet, namely Wal-Mart Supercenters. The city’s mayor intends on vetoing the proposal if the city council reaffirms it in a second vote.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Al Gore and Global-Warming Scientists Wrong

Science damn you, global warming! Damn you!

Surprise! Bush's Prescription Drug Benefit Plan a Success!

Yep, according to the latest survey eighty-percent of seniors enrolled in the president’s prescription drug plan are satisfied, a fact that goes against the grain of liberal ranting that the Medicare drug benefit plan was too unpopular and too expensive. Furthermore, Medicare indicates that average-per-person subsidy will drop by fifteen percent next year, making the prescription drug benefit plan far cheaper then anyone, especially the Democrats, anticipated. The Democrats, desperate for a campaign issue going into the 2008 presidential campaign, want the government to negotiate lower drug prices even though the prescription drug benefit plan makes it unnecessary for the federal government to take up such a role.

Can a Mormon be President?

Will Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith be an issue in his bid for the presidency in 2008? I hope not, at least as far as Republicans are concerned. I am a lot more confident with Mitt Romney then I am with either John McCain (RINO) or Giuliani (I appreciate what he did on 9/11 and for New York City is the field of crime but he’s a RINO) because he’s against gay marriage and pro-life. I am not naïve though. I do expect the mainstream media to attack him thoroughly for this. God knows, we don’t go after the liberals for being hypocrites for their faith.

For me this isn't an issue.

'Osama' Obama Weighing 2008 Presidential Bid

Barack ‘Osama’ Obama would be committed political suicide ala John Edwards if he did. He’s barely completed his first term in the Senate and beside his rock star status in the eyes of the media elite he has no policy initiatives to go on. His failure will only seek to further hurt the Democratic Party’s chances for a viable presidential candidate in the future.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Anarctic Ice Sheet Getting Thicker

Contrary to the psychotic ramblings of Al Gore and his fellow environmental wacko cronies, the Antarctic ice sheet, the polar ice cap global warming advocates contend is melting into oblivion thanks to a manmade hole in the ozone layer, is actually getting thicker according to an article from CO2 Science.

Close-up Pictures of Animals in the Womb

Tell me how this makes sense. Pro-choice advocates have serious issues with three-dimensional images of human beings inside the womb (because it paints them as butchers, which they correctly are) but not a single finger is raised in objection to these first close-up images of baby animals such as elephants, dogs, and dolphins still inside the womb. Why is that? One line in particular points this out clearly – “The footage also shows how many animal embryos are like human ones”. It helps promote the theory of evolution. Yep, on this day of thanks let us all remember there is no God (or else he’s a spaghetti monster) and we are descendants of retarded fish-frogs having butt sex with monkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Marquette Beats Duke

This has nothing to do with politics but the Marquette University Men’s Basketball team just beat Duke University in the CBE Classic Championship Game, 72 to 63.

Congratulations Warriors!!

M*JS in Cahoots with 'Diamond' Jim Doyle ... Surprised?!

Charlie Sykes has a brilliant article from the Daily Telegram about the recent announcement of the state’s still existent budget deficit. The state’s $3.2 billion deficit four years ago was a critical issue in the gubernatorial campaign and while ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle claimed in the debates with Mark Green that he balanced the budget, Wisconsin Republicans argued otherwise. Surprise! Less then two weeks after ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle was re-elected as the state’s governor the Department of Transportation recommends that car registration fees should be increased by forty-six percent (something that should have been included in their budget request TWO MONTHS AGO) and the Journal Sentinel reports that the state has still retained a $1.6 billion budget deficit after four years, despite the claims earlier by ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle that he balanced the state’s budget. Coincidence, maybe? I don’t believe in coincidence and I certainly don’t believe in luck. This was deliberate and deceptive. We must demand when the Milwaukee* Journal Sentinel knew about this and why they choose not to report about it when they had the information in the first place (even though the answer may be quite obvious). Yes, the election is over with and we are still stuck with ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle for the next four years but that doesn’t mean we should simply lie down and take it because there’s nothing we can do now about who is our state’s governor. We need to stand up for what’s right.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Wisconsin Voters Stuck on Stupid

I am not going to get into logistics here (everybody who has visited this site before damn well knows I thought Scott Walker would have made a better gubernatorial candidate then Mark Green, but I digress) because bottom-line this is what Wisconsin gets for voting stupid.

Sure, ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle is a fraud and a huckster but you have to give him credit for learning from the mistake of Bill Clinton in 1980 when he ran for a second term as the governor of Arkansas. For those who are not politically savy, Bill Clinton was voted out of the governor’s mansion after only one term for two reasons: 1) he taxed the people of his state but more importantly 2) that tax dealt with their cars. If there are two big no-no’s in politics its taxes and taxing people’s vehicles. Clinton made both those mistakes and he paid for it in 1980. Rather then make the same mistakes as Governor Clinton, Doyle made sure that the Department of Transportation submitted their recommendations which included a forty-six percent hike (sixty-five percent for light trucks) in the car registration fee three days after his re-election victory rather then TWO MONTHS AGO in the agency’s budget request.

Yes, what Doyle did was neither illegal nor immoral (politically speaking it was a brilliant strategy move), but one has to admit that it was certainly unethical and just plain sleazy to say the least about it. But then again when hasn’t the word ‘sleazy’ been used to describe the Doyle administration?

Oh, and about the budget ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle claimed he balanced while in office … total load of bull-crap. The state of Wisconsin still faces a $1.6 billion deficit after four years of ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle at the helm. The Milwaukee* Journal Sentinel applauds Doyle for shrinking it down from $3.2 billion four years ago but blatantly ignores the fact that he lied directly to the people of Wisconsin when he said in the gubernatorial debates that his administration balanced the state’s budget. It’s only going to get worse in the next four years as more and more money is thrown at the problem of public schools. Everybody who voted for Mark Green on Election Day knew in their hearts and minds what is being revealed to the public now. Sadly a large majority of the undecided voters bought the scam hook, line, and sinker and now we’re stuck with Doyle for four more years. Thanks Wisconsin voters!

Friday, November 17, 2006

RIP - Milton Friedman

Air America Radio Dumped in People's Republic of Madison

Can we call the time of death already? I mean if Air America Radio can’t make it in the People's Republic of Madison then what chance does it have anywhere else? Hell, maybe? I’m not even sure of that anymore. With the liberal radio network filing for bankruptcy recently and now signature radio personality Al Franken taking his peanuts and stepping out the door, is there really any hope left for Air America Radio? There’s the resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine? God forbid!

Family Feud

Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on November 16th, 2006


And so the liberal face of Tony Blair rears its ugly head.
Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on November 14th, 2006

Battle Royale

Don't be fooled! If you think nothing will change with the Democrats in charge, take a long hard look at Nazi Pelosi and read between the wrinkles. You are dead wrong!

Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on November 12th, 2006

Neurotic Security at the Rec Center

I for one am getting a little sick and tired of the rather neurotic way the Rec Center at Marquette University is handling security. I was okay with the lock on the locker room door which required a specific code number to enter at first (now that I think about though it is ineffective especially since some people who can’t remember the password – I admit doing this once – and just wait for someone to come through or enter the password to get in) and putting locks on all the lockers in the locker room (I simply brought all my stuff upstairs – it was usually just my coat and my school bag, taking up little space). But now I can’t even do that anymore.

Even if you are coming into the Rec Center fully dressed in your work-out clothing, nothing else on but your winter coat, the Rec Center now requires you to get a locker (going to the service area desk to get a key) for your winter coat because they will no longer allow you to bring that coat (or wallet, cell phone, bag, or additional clothing you won’t be wearing when you work out) upstairs to the weight room. Here’s a thought: maybe they should have removed the coat wrack in the weight room before making this announcement (they never made a formal announcement about, none that I can recall but then again I delete almost everything Marquette sends me via e-mail unless it is something extremely important).

This normally wouldn’t be so much of a hassle except for the system they have running to obtain a key and get a locker in the locker room. The attendant at the service area desk swipes your Marquette ID card. Then he/she ask you to write on a spread sheet your name, your Marquette identification number, your phone number, your key number, and the time you came to the service desk. The service area is the same place you go to rent basketballs and other equipment for use in the Rec Center. There has to be a more efficient system out there then this.

Awakening From My Comma ...

I’m kidding, of course. Unlike Michael Moore I did not confine myself to my bed for the past week and a half after the disastrous (at least to Republicans) election results on November 7th. I was so tired from all the campaign work in the last week before the election that I decided to take a few days off and reconnect with my true love, my Play Station 2 (first ‘Destroy All Humans 2’ and now ‘Kingdom Hearts II (expert level)’). After the weekend I was caught up in a bit of homework – part of a major project for Media & United States Politics and a thirteen to fifteen page paper for theology – not to mention Marquette Men’s Basketball (I went to the game against Idaho State where it was a nail bitter – with a field-goal percentage of twenty-nine we were horrible but we won – but the theology project prevented me from going on Wednesday when they beat Detroit by forty). On top of that I fell ill yesterday (a day I should have confined myself to my bed but somehow found the energy to get up and go to class and work) and I had to wake early this morning to register for classes next semester (which was an adventure in of itself). But now I’m back (although my nose is still stuffed up and my throat is a bit sore, I am feeling a lot better then I was yesterday) and ready to continue posting as usual.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Analysis of the Election

I suppose this is my concession speech of sorts.

I can’t say I am dismayed or disappointed. I am content, not elated, but overall content with the election results, at least as far as the state of Wisconsin is concerned.

I never had much hope for Mark Green to begin with. I voted for him but I didn’t have quite the enthusiasm for his campaign as I would have had with Scott Walker. I was a Walker supporter from the start and I still am today as much as I ever was. We can throw around the ‘what if’ scenario of whether Scott Walker would have made a better candidate or not till the cows come home but in the end it is going to come to naut.

We need to face facts here – we lost, plain and simple. We need to get over it, sober up, and move on if we as Wisconsin Republicans are ever going to try and retake this state in 2008 and 2010.

On the bright side – yes, there is one – JB Van Hollen was elected Attorney General which means as Charlie Sykes wrote there will be an actual watchdog looking over Doyle’s shoulder for the next four years. The ban on gay marriage and civil unions passed with an overwhelming majority. If you are confused why this passed and Mark Green lost, it comes down to the personality of the candidate which unfortunately more found with Jim Doyle then Green. And the advisory referendum on the death penalty passed, not with quite the enthusiasm as the gay marriage/civil unions ban but it passed regardless.

Nation-wide, Arizona’s Proposition 103 which made English the official language of the state passed, though the gay marriage ban did not. Oh well – 23 for 24 – you can’t win them all (Tennessee and Virginia passed the gay marriage ban).

I don’t want to discuss any more right now. I am tired from the entire election campaign and I just want to sit in front of my television and play video games. I miss you too Play Station 2, I miss you too. Anyway, the fight begins today because if you think nothing will change with the Democrats in control of the House, with Nancy Palosi as Majority Speaker of the House, you are gravely mistaken.

More later.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

LIVE Election Results

8:41 - I agree with Brandon Henak on this one. I can see how FOX is selecting Doyle as the winner when the results are just the opposite. Granted we have less then one percent of the results but still. Mark Green according to FOX leads 12,970 to . Wispolitics has Doyle behind Green 44.9% to 53.3%

8:44 - Wispolitics has JB Van Hollen ahead of Falk 59.7 to 40.3 with 1.39% reporting. The backlash from the negative advertisements worked as I predicted. JB has once again surprised everyone. Even I am amazed. Beating Bucher by 30% state wide and now Falk looks to go down by a margin far greater then anybody predicted. Watch this guy in the future.

8:46 - Wispolitics has the Marriage Amendment up 63.4 to 36.6 with 0.53% reporting and the Death Penalty Advisory Referendum up 56 to 44 with 0.56% reporting.

8:48 - According to FOX it is still a nailbitter in Virginia with George Allen barely ahead of Jim Webb by 50 to 49 (or 924,518 to 898, 329) with 82% reporting. We can't afford to lose this seat in the Senate. This will be contested no matter who reportedly wins.

8:54 - FOX has, with 9% reporting, Paul Ryan beating Jeff Thomas 70 to 30 which isn't surprising in the least. Ryan has this race made. Also according to FOX, Gwen Moore is beating Perfecto 62 to 38 with 1% reporting (closer then I thought but it is still early) and Gard closing the gap with Kagen 48 to 52 with 4% reporting.

8:58 - FOX has called the District 1 U.S. House race for Paul Ryan (Republican)

9:00 - I still can't see how FOX can still be calling Doyle the winner when Green leads him by two percent. Sensenbrener has a bigger lead and they have yet to declare the race for him.

9:02 - Allen is still barely ahead of Webb with 84% reporting (945,999 v. 917, 201)

9:08 - Falk is closing the gap slightly with Van Hollen but it is still early. Van Hollen leads according to Wispolitics 55.7 to 44.3 with 5.42 % reporting.

9:13 - With 5.23% reporting in, I think it is safe to say that the Marriage Amendment passed. Vote Yes leads the Vote No column by twenty percent.

9:16 - George Allen still squeaking past Webb, with 88% reporting, by a difference of 25,128 votes.

9:19 - About damn time! FOX is declaring Jim Sensenbrener the winner in the District 5 U.S. House race.

9:20 - Gard is seriously beginning to close the gap. He is now only behind Kagen by a margin of 1.6% with 6.41% reporting.

9:35 - Wispolitics is reporting that the governor's race is a dead-heat with 14.07% reporting. Gard has closed the gap to 0.8 % with 10.53% reporting.

9:40 - Yep, one way or another the senate race in Virginia is going to be contested. With 93% reporting in, Allen leads Webb by only 32, 090 votes.

9:50 - Nothing has changed in Virginia with 94% reporting in. California results should be pouring in within the next half-hour. I suspect Arnold will easily win a second term simply because the Dem. candidate is a dud. For all the bitching, whining, and moaning Hollywood made about Gov. Arnold they picked a pretty pathetic candidate to run against him. I am going to take a shower, eat something, and study for an econ test tomorrow morning. I will be back at around 10:15 with updated results.

10:10 - This is just sad! No result number have come in yet but FOX is already declaring Arnold Schwarzenegger the winner in California.

10:30 - With 97% reporting in, George Allen is ahead of Webb by 11,256 votes. FOX has declared the 4th district U.S. House race for Gwen Moore with 68% reporting. No surprise there.

10:45 - According to FOX, the marriage amendments in Tennessee and Virginia will likely pass. With 86% reporting, the amendment in Tennessee has passed by a margin of 81 to 19. And with 98% reporting in Virginia, the amendment passed 57 to 43.

10:46 - Not a surprise at all. Wispolitics has declared Herb Kohl the winner of the Wisconsin U.S. Senate seat.

10:52 - Yes! With 67% reporting in, Arizona's Proposition 103 which would make English the official language in Arizona and would require businesses to enforce the measure passed 73 to 27.

11:05 - I think it is still a bit early but Wispolitics is declaring Jim Doyle the winner with 47.62% reporting in.

11:15 - I guess not. Mark Green just conceded and we're stuck with 'Diamond' Jim Doyle for four more years. Thank God I won't be sticking around in this state for much longer.

11:30 - That's it. I am studying for Macro-Econ and then heading off to bed. Good luck to JB and Gard. On the bright side, the death penalty advisory referendum and the gay marriage ban passed so Fair Wisconsin can shove it.

Fair Wisconsin Compares 1950s/60s Civil Rights Movement to Today

I want to thank Fair Wisconsin personally for cutting short my lunch this afternoon. I walked into Schroeder Hall at around eleven o’clock and sat down at a table to enjoy my lunch before I had to leave at noon for poll watching duty. As I started to eat my lunch, I noticed a purple sheet of paper with black lettering. I was insulted by what I read on the piece of paper.

The piece of paper was a hand-out from Fair Wisconsin (several of them are outside Raynor Library as I am typing this handing out literature and holding 'Vote No' signs, something I view particularly as a sign of desperation on their part) and it compared the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s to the gay marriage movement on campus today. Many people, both black and white, died to give black people the same rights and responsibilities whites enjoyed. There are anti-discrimination laws in place today which prevent anyone from discriminating against another, whether they be black, Hispanic, gay or straight. To compare the two eras as one in the same in insulting, degrading to those who gave up their lives for what they knew in their hearts was right, and down right fraudulent.

NOTE: I’ll have photos of the hand-out this evening as soon as I return from poll watching. I know it’ll be after the polls close but that is why I am posting this message now instead of later. Be sure and vote for the amendment against gay marriage and civil unions.

Get Out the Vote!

Be sure to get out today and vote for …

Mark Green (Governor)
JB Van Hollen (Attorney General)
Sandy Sullivan (Secretary of State)
Gerald Lorge (U.S. Senate)
John Gard (Eighth Congressional District)

Also …

Vote Yes for the Gay Marriage/Civil Unions Ban
Vote Yes for the Death Penalty Advisory Referendum

And if you live in the Milwaukee County area …

Vote No for the Municipality Referendum on the Withdrawal from Iraq

Monday, November 6, 2006

John Kerry's Joke?

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Falk, GWC Sued for Defamation of Character

Is this the October surprise Wisconsin’s Attorney General’s race was looking for to blow this campaign wide open? I know it’s the first week of November but I do believe this last minute negative political advertisement backlash will end up costing Falk the election. Like the primary race against Paul Bucher, expect a much higher return for Van Hollen then polls or the media are projecting.

Falk, GWC Sued for Defamation of Character

Newago Case Statement

Bill Clinton Protest - Photos and Video

The following are photographs taken on Friday, November 3rd, 2006, when former president Bill Clinton came to Milwaukee to shill for Governor ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle.

Oh, and enjoy this Family Guy clip in honor of the former president’s visit!

Hat Tip: Charlie Sykes

M*JS Endorses Van Hollen for AG

I am just as surprised by this announcement as many of you likely are. Has the Milwaukee* Journal Sentinel finally grown up and endorsed a candidate for a state governmental position on the basis of experience, beyond partisan politics, or is Kathleen Falk in so deep right now that to endorse her would be to commit political suicide and lose all credibility?


Originally posted on Cox and Forkum on November 2nd, 2006

You Know When Fair Wisconsin is Getting Desperate ...

… when they’ve gone from a chalk advertisement at every street corner to a chalk advertisement every two or three feet.

Remember, your vote counts. Vote Yes for the Marriage and Civil Unions Amendment and preserve the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman.