Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fair Wisconsin Has Momentum, Give Them That Much and Don't Ignore It

I agree with James Wigderson that the vote to amend the Wisconsin State Constitution to ban gay marriage and civil unions is closer then everyone, particularly conservatives, like to think it is. You can read my comment on his blog posting here.

Students at Marquette University have undoubtedly noticed by now the chalk advertisements promoting Fair Wisconsin, an organization opposed to the ban on gay marriage and civil unions, littering the sidewalks around campus every ten feet or so it seems. I don’t measure these things so I can’t say for sure but there are certainly a lot of them. If you are a fellow conservative like myself you have to be both disturbed and yet still impressed by the grassroots efforts of this organization as these campaign measures have time and again proven in recent memory to be quite effective.

While the numbers at the moment may be against them, the latest survey from Wispolitics.com indicates that of the six-hundred people polled it is 53-39 for the amendment, momentum is certainly something we should not discredit as they appear to have a lot of it heading into the final three weeks of the campaign season.