Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Fair Wisconsin Compares 1950s/60s Civil Rights Movement to Today

I want to thank Fair Wisconsin personally for cutting short my lunch this afternoon. I walked into Schroeder Hall at around eleven o’clock and sat down at a table to enjoy my lunch before I had to leave at noon for poll watching duty. As I started to eat my lunch, I noticed a purple sheet of paper with black lettering. I was insulted by what I read on the piece of paper.

The piece of paper was a hand-out from Fair Wisconsin (several of them are outside Raynor Library as I am typing this handing out literature and holding 'Vote No' signs, something I view particularly as a sign of desperation on their part) and it compared the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s to the gay marriage movement on campus today. Many people, both black and white, died to give black people the same rights and responsibilities whites enjoyed. There are anti-discrimination laws in place today which prevent anyone from discriminating against another, whether they be black, Hispanic, gay or straight. To compare the two eras as one in the same in insulting, degrading to those who gave up their lives for what they knew in their hearts was right, and down right fraudulent.

NOTE: I’ll have photos of the hand-out this evening as soon as I return from poll watching. I know it’ll be after the polls close but that is why I am posting this message now instead of later. Be sure and vote for the amendment against gay marriage and civil unions.