Monday, November 20, 2006

Wisconsin Voters Stuck on Stupid

I am not going to get into logistics here (everybody who has visited this site before damn well knows I thought Scott Walker would have made a better gubernatorial candidate then Mark Green, but I digress) because bottom-line this is what Wisconsin gets for voting stupid.

Sure, ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle is a fraud and a huckster but you have to give him credit for learning from the mistake of Bill Clinton in 1980 when he ran for a second term as the governor of Arkansas. For those who are not politically savy, Bill Clinton was voted out of the governor’s mansion after only one term for two reasons: 1) he taxed the people of his state but more importantly 2) that tax dealt with their cars. If there are two big no-no’s in politics its taxes and taxing people’s vehicles. Clinton made both those mistakes and he paid for it in 1980. Rather then make the same mistakes as Governor Clinton, Doyle made sure that the Department of Transportation submitted their recommendations which included a forty-six percent hike (sixty-five percent for light trucks) in the car registration fee three days after his re-election victory rather then TWO MONTHS AGO in the agency’s budget request.

Yes, what Doyle did was neither illegal nor immoral (politically speaking it was a brilliant strategy move), but one has to admit that it was certainly unethical and just plain sleazy to say the least about it. But then again when hasn’t the word ‘sleazy’ been used to describe the Doyle administration?

Oh, and about the budget ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle claimed he balanced while in office … total load of bull-crap. The state of Wisconsin still faces a $1.6 billion deficit after four years of ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle at the helm. The Milwaukee* Journal Sentinel applauds Doyle for shrinking it down from $3.2 billion four years ago but blatantly ignores the fact that he lied directly to the people of Wisconsin when he said in the gubernatorial debates that his administration balanced the state’s budget. It’s only going to get worse in the next four years as more and more money is thrown at the problem of public schools. Everybody who voted for Mark Green on Election Day knew in their hearts and minds what is being revealed to the public now. Sadly a large majority of the undecided voters bought the scam hook, line, and sinker and now we’re stuck with Doyle for four more years. Thanks Wisconsin voters!