Friday, November 17, 2006

Neurotic Security at the Rec Center

I for one am getting a little sick and tired of the rather neurotic way the Rec Center at Marquette University is handling security. I was okay with the lock on the locker room door which required a specific code number to enter at first (now that I think about though it is ineffective especially since some people who can’t remember the password – I admit doing this once – and just wait for someone to come through or enter the password to get in) and putting locks on all the lockers in the locker room (I simply brought all my stuff upstairs – it was usually just my coat and my school bag, taking up little space). But now I can’t even do that anymore.

Even if you are coming into the Rec Center fully dressed in your work-out clothing, nothing else on but your winter coat, the Rec Center now requires you to get a locker (going to the service area desk to get a key) for your winter coat because they will no longer allow you to bring that coat (or wallet, cell phone, bag, or additional clothing you won’t be wearing when you work out) upstairs to the weight room. Here’s a thought: maybe they should have removed the coat wrack in the weight room before making this announcement (they never made a formal announcement about, none that I can recall but then again I delete almost everything Marquette sends me via e-mail unless it is something extremely important).

This normally wouldn’t be so much of a hassle except for the system they have running to obtain a key and get a locker in the locker room. The attendant at the service area desk swipes your Marquette ID card. Then he/she ask you to write on a spread sheet your name, your Marquette identification number, your phone number, your key number, and the time you came to the service desk. The service area is the same place you go to rent basketballs and other equipment for use in the Rec Center. There has to be a more efficient system out there then this.