Tuesday, November 21, 2006

M*JS in Cahoots with 'Diamond' Jim Doyle ... Surprised?!

Charlie Sykes has a brilliant article from the Daily Telegram about the recent announcement of the state’s still existent budget deficit. The state’s $3.2 billion deficit four years ago was a critical issue in the gubernatorial campaign and while ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle claimed in the debates with Mark Green that he balanced the budget, Wisconsin Republicans argued otherwise. Surprise! Less then two weeks after ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle was re-elected as the state’s governor the Department of Transportation recommends that car registration fees should be increased by forty-six percent (something that should have been included in their budget request TWO MONTHS AGO) and the Journal Sentinel reports that the state has still retained a $1.6 billion budget deficit after four years, despite the claims earlier by ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle that he balanced the state’s budget. Coincidence, maybe? I don’t believe in coincidence and I certainly don’t believe in luck. This was deliberate and deceptive. We must demand when the Milwaukee* Journal Sentinel knew about this and why they choose not to report about it when they had the information in the first place (even though the answer may be quite obvious). Yes, the election is over with and we are still stuck with ‘Diamond’ Jim Doyle for the next four years but that doesn’t mean we should simply lie down and take it because there’s nothing we can do now about who is our state’s governor. We need to stand up for what’s right.