Tuesday, November 7, 2006

LIVE Election Results

8:41 - I agree with Brandon Henak on this one. I can see how FOX is selecting Doyle as the winner when the results are just the opposite. Granted we have less then one percent of the results but still. Mark Green according to FOX leads 12,970 to . Wispolitics has Doyle behind Green 44.9% to 53.3%

8:44 - Wispolitics has JB Van Hollen ahead of Falk 59.7 to 40.3 with 1.39% reporting. The backlash from the negative advertisements worked as I predicted. JB has once again surprised everyone. Even I am amazed. Beating Bucher by 30% state wide and now Falk looks to go down by a margin far greater then anybody predicted. Watch this guy in the future.

8:46 - Wispolitics has the Marriage Amendment up 63.4 to 36.6 with 0.53% reporting and the Death Penalty Advisory Referendum up 56 to 44 with 0.56% reporting.

8:48 - According to FOX it is still a nailbitter in Virginia with George Allen barely ahead of Jim Webb by 50 to 49 (or 924,518 to 898, 329) with 82% reporting. We can't afford to lose this seat in the Senate. This will be contested no matter who reportedly wins.

8:54 - FOX has, with 9% reporting, Paul Ryan beating Jeff Thomas 70 to 30 which isn't surprising in the least. Ryan has this race made. Also according to FOX, Gwen Moore is beating Perfecto 62 to 38 with 1% reporting (closer then I thought but it is still early) and Gard closing the gap with Kagen 48 to 52 with 4% reporting.

8:58 - FOX has called the District 1 U.S. House race for Paul Ryan (Republican)

9:00 - I still can't see how FOX can still be calling Doyle the winner when Green leads him by two percent. Sensenbrener has a bigger lead and they have yet to declare the race for him.

9:02 - Allen is still barely ahead of Webb with 84% reporting (945,999 v. 917, 201)

9:08 - Falk is closing the gap slightly with Van Hollen but it is still early. Van Hollen leads according to Wispolitics 55.7 to 44.3 with 5.42 % reporting.

9:13 - With 5.23% reporting in, I think it is safe to say that the Marriage Amendment passed. Vote Yes leads the Vote No column by twenty percent.

9:16 - George Allen still squeaking past Webb, with 88% reporting, by a difference of 25,128 votes.

9:19 - About damn time! FOX is declaring Jim Sensenbrener the winner in the District 5 U.S. House race.

9:20 - Gard is seriously beginning to close the gap. He is now only behind Kagen by a margin of 1.6% with 6.41% reporting.

9:35 - Wispolitics is reporting that the governor's race is a dead-heat with 14.07% reporting. Gard has closed the gap to 0.8 % with 10.53% reporting.

9:40 - Yep, one way or another the senate race in Virginia is going to be contested. With 93% reporting in, Allen leads Webb by only 32, 090 votes.

9:50 - Nothing has changed in Virginia with 94% reporting in. California results should be pouring in within the next half-hour. I suspect Arnold will easily win a second term simply because the Dem. candidate is a dud. For all the bitching, whining, and moaning Hollywood made about Gov. Arnold they picked a pretty pathetic candidate to run against him. I am going to take a shower, eat something, and study for an econ test tomorrow morning. I will be back at around 10:15 with updated results.

10:10 - This is just sad! No result number have come in yet but FOX is already declaring Arnold Schwarzenegger the winner in California.

10:30 - With 97% reporting in, George Allen is ahead of Webb by 11,256 votes. FOX has declared the 4th district U.S. House race for Gwen Moore with 68% reporting. No surprise there.

10:45 - According to FOX, the marriage amendments in Tennessee and Virginia will likely pass. With 86% reporting, the amendment in Tennessee has passed by a margin of 81 to 19. And with 98% reporting in Virginia, the amendment passed 57 to 43.

10:46 - Not a surprise at all. Wispolitics has declared Herb Kohl the winner of the Wisconsin U.S. Senate seat.

10:52 - Yes! With 67% reporting in, Arizona's Proposition 103 which would make English the official language in Arizona and would require businesses to enforce the measure passed 73 to 27.

11:05 - I think it is still a bit early but Wispolitics is declaring Jim Doyle the winner with 47.62% reporting in.

11:15 - I guess not. Mark Green just conceded and we're stuck with 'Diamond' Jim Doyle for four more years. Thank God I won't be sticking around in this state for much longer.

11:30 - That's it. I am studying for Macro-Econ and then heading off to bed. Good luck to JB and Gard. On the bright side, the death penalty advisory referendum and the gay marriage ban passed so Fair Wisconsin can shove it.