Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Analysis of the Election

I suppose this is my concession speech of sorts.

I can’t say I am dismayed or disappointed. I am content, not elated, but overall content with the election results, at least as far as the state of Wisconsin is concerned.

I never had much hope for Mark Green to begin with. I voted for him but I didn’t have quite the enthusiasm for his campaign as I would have had with Scott Walker. I was a Walker supporter from the start and I still am today as much as I ever was. We can throw around the ‘what if’ scenario of whether Scott Walker would have made a better candidate or not till the cows come home but in the end it is going to come to naut.

We need to face facts here – we lost, plain and simple. We need to get over it, sober up, and move on if we as Wisconsin Republicans are ever going to try and retake this state in 2008 and 2010.

On the bright side – yes, there is one – JB Van Hollen was elected Attorney General which means as Charlie Sykes wrote there will be an actual watchdog looking over Doyle’s shoulder for the next four years. The ban on gay marriage and civil unions passed with an overwhelming majority. If you are confused why this passed and Mark Green lost, it comes down to the personality of the candidate which unfortunately more found with Jim Doyle then Green. And the advisory referendum on the death penalty passed, not with quite the enthusiasm as the gay marriage/civil unions ban but it passed regardless.

Nation-wide, Arizona’s Proposition 103 which made English the official language of the state passed, though the gay marriage ban did not. Oh well – 23 for 24 – you can’t win them all (Tennessee and Virginia passed the gay marriage ban).

I don’t want to discuss any more right now. I am tired from the entire election campaign and I just want to sit in front of my television and play video games. I miss you too Play Station 2, I miss you too. Anyway, the fight begins today because if you think nothing will change with the Democrats in control of the House, with Nancy Palosi as Majority Speaker of the House, you are gravely mistaken.

More later.