Friday, June 9, 2006

MSM Response to al-Zarqawi's Death

Mike Boettcher tried in vein this morning on MSNBC to spin the al-Zarqawi story by quipping that a bombing in Iraq was made in response to the terrorist leader’s death when it reality it wasn’t.

Talk about the mainstream media being pessimistic. That’s an understatement really. Diane Sawyer in speaking with Bush-basher Richard Clarke on Good Morning America this morning believed that al-Zarqawi’s death was not going to make a big difference in Iraq.

MSNBC’s Milissa Rehberger suggested that al-Zarqawi’s ‘troubled childhood’ may have led him to a life of terrorism.

National Public Radio severely downplayed the significance of the terrorist leader’s death by simply calling it ‘symbolic’ and declaring that the insurgency in Iraq is not dead.