Thursday, June 22, 2006

Franklin Roosevelt Lied!

As much as I respect and admire Franklin D. Roosevelt for taking us through World War II I will never fully appreciate him as either a politician or a president. His unwillingness to take on the Nazis or the Japs earlier then he did (following Pearl Harbor which may or may not have been preventable) as well as his eerie obsession with Mussolini’s fascist Italy state and Stalin’s (or Uncle Joe as he called him) Communist empire, going so far as to socialize the farming industry (one of the worst economic decisions in this nation’s history) and embarking on what he called the New Deal which ultimately failed but helped spur this nation toward becoming a welfare state. He blamed individualism, something of which has been a profound element of this nation’s rich history since our founding in 1776, for the Great Depression. And while the left has been quick to blame George W. Bush for the so-called ‘economic turmoil’ we face today (in reality we could not be in better shape), they have continuously turned as blind eye to Roosevelt's failure and have left thousands, if not millions, of American college students ignorant.