Monday, February 20, 2006

U.S. Skater Johnny Weir Admires Former-Soviet Union

I have not watched a minute of the Winter Olympics this year (I just don’t care), but News Busters alerted me to the fact that an American athlete, a flamboyant figure skater (Surprise!) name John Weir, wore a red-jacket with the letters CCCP (Cyrillic Russian initials of the defunct Soviet Union) on it during practices. The figure-skater explains that he admires Russian culture and it is no different from wearing a Madonna t-shirt. Is this kid brain-dead or something? Seeing as how the Soviet Union, the most brutal regime on the face of the planet, killed over one-hundred million people, how could anyone not have an objection to him ‘celebrating’ or ‘admiring’ the past like this? This is why I become so upset with people who wear those asinine Che t-shirts. They have no clue as to who the individual is on the t-shirt or what he stood for and wear it proudly as if what he did is worthy of celebration. Well, he can’t be that astute if he used the phrase ‘Republican-style people’ to describe critics of his jacket.