Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Marquette Tribune Wimps Out in Mohammed Cartoon Row

Surprised? Hardly and I do not believe that any other conservative on campus is either for that matter. The Marquette Tribune, the university’s premiere leftist soapbox, has chosen the path of Neville Chamberlain, naively believing appeasement will bring about lasting peace throughout the world. Next thing you know you have Hitler invading Poland and we’re back to square one while in the process wasting valuable time that could have been better spent building up arms.

Alright, you have the leftists on campus calling people like me racists for insinuating that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim (the riots throughout the Middle East region and in parts of East Asia over these cartoons I think clearly advocates this argument). Isn’t your refusal to publish these cartoons proving people like me correct in our assumptions? What is the Marquette Tribune so afraid of that they would refuse to publish these innocent drawings? Are they assuming that members of the Muslim Student Association or the Arab Student Association would rise up in protest outside the Tribune office, going so far as to create violence and student unrest?

I’ll come right out and call Andrew Johnson, Editor-in-Chief of the Marquette Tribune, a wimp. If Johnson had any spine at all, he’d publish those cartoons in a heartbeat. If he had any respect for freedom of speech or freedom of the press, he’d have a two page spread of the cartoons in the next edition of the Marquette Tribune. But he doesn’t. That is why he has taken the quick, easy, and weak way out of this issue.

So I am now calling out The Warrior, the independent student newspaper on campus, to take up this opportunity to publish the cartoons in light of the Tribune’s blatant refusal to do so which, in my opinion, is stemming freedom of speech.