Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Board to Tackle Red Raiders Nickname

I am under the assumption that Professor John McAdams may have already covered this issue (needless to say I am a little behind on the topics I have wanted to discuss on this site) but it is worth mentioning again. The Wauwatosa East School Board is finally taking up the issue of the ‘Red Raiders’ nickname (ala the Marquette Warriors debate), something which has been slowly gestating for the past decade. As was the case with the Warriors debate here at Marquette, this is about the nickname, not the use of exaggerated Native American imagery. Images of the ‘Tommy Raider’ mascot have long since been removed from every aspect of the Tosa East school building with the exception of a wall painting in the basement of the school. This is an issue the Wisconsin State Superintendent, Elizabeth Burmaster, has brought to a head. I realize fully how pinnacle an issue this is for the Democrats (God only knows how offended the Native American community is about this that they allowed the debate to drag on for ten years now) but grades the way they are in Wisconsin Public Schools and the escalating issue of the School Choice Program, you would think this sort of thing would be the least important issue at the moment. Go figure!