Friday, April 7, 2006

Word to MUSG - We're Catholics, Not Muslims

And speaking of the gay cowboy movie, I object to the Marquette Tribune’s Campus Readies For 'Brokeback' Showing article which ran in Thursday’s edition. Reading for what? Do they expect ‘gay-bashing’ Catholic conservatives to riot in the streets? And MUSG approached the Gay-Straight Alliance about this film but not the Catholic or conservative organizations? Doesn’t it make more sense to approach the student organizations which might have the most objections to the film being screened on campus? And what about the four other contenders for Best Picture? I may have personally objections to Munich and Good Night & Good Luck (they distort history), but how come we are showing only one of five Oscar nominees for Best Picture? Why not screen Capote? Truman Capote was gay and this would have been a less controversial picture to screen on campus and still fulfill their obligation to be diversified.