Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jolie: Spend 'Whatever It Takes' to Extend 'No Child Left Behind' to Entire World

According to an interview with the TODAY Show, political activist/actress Angelina Jolie wants ‘No Child Left Behind’ to be applied to the whole world and on the dime of American Taxpayers.

"No child left behind means no child left behind. And that isn't [just] with what we feel we can give right now, but with whatever it takes. Britain gives three times more than us right now. They are not richer than us. So I don't know what the great excuse is"
This woman needs to let political activism go! I know it’s her ‘calling’ but then why is she still acting? Juggling a so-called movie career, raising her children (last time I checked she was pregnant with two adopted children already), and an affair with Brad Pitt is bound to make her a nervous wreck but perhaps that is for the best. Seriously, even a fair amount of liberals I know do not support ‘No Child Left Behind’ and it was written by Ted Kennedy!