Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Science Damn You!

Classes for second semester were going well up until late-afternoon today. I took Human Evolutionary Processes to fulfill the biological science requirement for political science majors. I disagree politically and personally with Darwinism and believe thoroughly in the theory of intelligent design. I am by no means a ‘Bible Thumper’ (as a college student I have chosen personally to take a break from organized religion though I am certainly biased toward Roman Catholicism simply because that is what I raised as). I took the class (1) out of necessity – another science class I planned to take had already filled up when I registered for classes – and (2) in the hopes that I would able to get through it in spite of my personal convictions. You do have to know your enemy after all. But after this afternoon’s introductory class I am having doubts whether I will be able to get through the semester without a serious ulcer, let alone maintaining my sanity. Professor Norman Sullivan who teaches the class made it known that he was a devout Darwinist (apparently it is an organized religion among atheists … I mean, scientists I suppose) and proceeded to compare creationists or believers in the theory of intelligent design to people who believe the world is flat. He then identified the entire concept of intelligent design as (direct quote) ‘crap’. Talking to him after class he defined creationists or those who object to the theory of natural selection as people who believe that ‘the world was created five-thousand years ago’.