Friday, April 15, 2005

The Times, They are a Changing

John (not Jim – I apologize for mixing that up earlier) Johnson sent in the following comment in response to the article entitled, “It’s the Only Way They Will Learn”, which was posted this past Thursday:
I'm not sure your response really validates the action you are calling for at all. It is still unethical and unscrupulous, no matter who did it first. If you believe that the Republican Senatorial Candidate is the right candidate for Wisconsin, then he/she shouldn't have to resort to that kind of tactic in the first place. It still reeks of hypocrisy to me.
I believe you are missing my point entirely. I do not like the fact either that candidates running for public office are being judged based on actions or activities in their past which have no valued consequence on the job they wish to perform for the state or the nation. Unless they happened to have committed murder or some other form of egregious crime, I have no desire to have any knowledge concerning the activities of their past, except when they have direct relation to their policies. Sadly, this is the direction in which politics and the media are heading toward these days. Already we have seen the Democrats take the initiative with the press in tow immediately jumping upon the matter, despite its insignificance. You known damn well that the next time a Republican candidate who happens to be divorced from a previous marriage runs for public office in a highly contested race, as the senator’s seat for the state of Illinois was this past November, they will trump up any portion of that divorce record under false assumptions and not logistical facts. Why should we [Republicans] be forced to remain strict to the ‘rules of engagement’ on a level field of play when are opponents are not? Does that seem fair to you? No one ever said the world of politics was not going to be nasty. As I stated previously, I do not like this any more then you but if this is the direction in which politics is going, then we must be willing to adapt to those alterations for the time being.