Monday, April 11, 2005

Demand Feingold to Release His Divorce Record!

It has always puzzled, more so now that Election Day has come and gone, as to why the Republican Party failed to adequately respond to the Jack Ryan controversy which Democrats used in the state of Illinois in order to elect to office Barack Obama. The ironic thing about the whole Jack Ryan controversy was that there was nothing controversial about the divorce document in the first place. True, Ryan did admit that once he did request that his wife have sex with him in a public area, a club if I recall correctly, but she refused and nothing was said of that again between the couple. Note – this was not with either a mistress or one of his intern, but his wife. Furthermore, there were no complaints found in the document complaining about sexual or physical abuse, so one has to question as to why the release of this record was relevant to the campaign. Following that event, every conservative in the country should have been flooding the Kerry/Edwards campaign office demanding that Senator Kerry release his divorce but sadly nothing was done.

I think it is clearly obvious to us all, whether we be conservatives or liberals, as to who is going to be the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party in the next presidential election – Hilary Clinton – so the possibility of Russ Feingold throwing his hat into the ring probably does not mean much in the grand scheme of things. But I am not willing to take chances with this, so I am asking that the Republican Party of Wisconsin, as well as all the College Republicans organizations across the state, start demanding Russ Feingold to release his divorce records and continue to do so until he bows to our request. He will only be willing to deny us this request if he has something to hide, as Senator John Kerry did when he refused to release his entire military records for his service during the Vietnam War.

The following article came from today's edition of The Milwaukee Journal Online:

Feingold, wife planning to divorceU.S. Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, a possible candidate for president in 2008, announced today that he is getting a divorce.Feingold and his wife, Mary, issued a joint statement through the Democrat's Senate office saying they have decided to end their marriage of 14 years."We are separating amicably, and intend to remain very good friends," the statement said.The marriage was the second for both. Feingold has two daughters from his first marriage, Mary Feingold has two sons from hers.Feingold won his bid for a third term last fall by 11 percentage points in a state that Democrat John Kerry barely carried. Several Web sites have sprung up urging Feingold to run for president, and he hasn't ruled out a race.