Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Professor John Esposito: Islamic Apologist

Even after all these years with instant access to the internet I am still amazed at the wonders of the modern Google search. Simply type in a few words and if you are lucky you will be able to connect to websites and access information you would not have otherwise been able to obtain before the mega-search engine site came along. Take for example earlier this week when Marquette University’s Political Science Department sent an e-mail notice out to students announcing a presentation called “Islam, Democracy, and the Challenges of the Post-9/11 World” on April 12th (their original e-mail notice stated it was the 14th, which was not corrected until the day of the presentation sadly) featuring guest speaker Professor John Esposito of Georgetown University, who, according to his biography on the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy website, had served as President of the Middle East Studies Association of North America and of the American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies.

The bio also went on to say that Esposito worked as a consultant for “governments, multinational corporations, and the media worldwide”, but what it fails to acknowledge, or flat-out refuses to accept, is that he was an advisor to the Clinton administration which dramatically cut funding for both the Department of Defense and the intelligence agencies, among other the CIA and the FBI, it depended on in order to make accurate decisions concerning a course of action against another country, problems we have seen sprung up following the September 11th attacks and the invasion of Iraq, and rejected three different offers to apprehend Usama bin Ladin, which all could have been done at the behest of Professor John Esposito. Frankly I do not want to come off as some crazed conspiracy theorist, the type of individuals the members of the left have survived themselves so commonly with, but the idea that Islam could infiltrate the United States government and undermine our nation’s security is not as far fetched an idea as it may seem. In fact it has already happened.

Do not believe me? As proof, check out Paul Sperry’s book, “Infiltration”. I will be sparse as to the details of the book, which would ruin the surprise, but the bottom-line is that Sperry did some inside investigation into the claims that Islam had infiltrated the United States government and has dug up some startling results.

Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington

There will undoubtedly be those who will not believe that this is feasible, but it was not too long ago that Soviet spies held 1/3 of the positions within the State Department and were placed as operatives within a variety of areas inside the US government including the Department of Defense, the US Army, and even in the office of the president (1/2 of FDR’s administration were known to have been Communists). If one can recall how close the United States came to destruction and defeat in the Cold War, and would well have had it not been for Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II, this makes the possibility of Muslims infiltrating the very infrastructure of the United States government, the fabric which has held our nation together through both the good times and the bad, a horrific nightmare come to life.

Here is merely a sampling of the vile garbage he has shoved down the throats of hundreds of ignorant college students across the country - Of the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas, Esposito claimed they were a legitimate organization which “engaged in ‘honey, cheese-making, and home-based clothing manufacture’” (careful of course to downplay the entire concept of suicide bombers), and compared Yasser Arafat’s call for jihad against Israel to the “fight against AIDS”.
For More Information Concerning Professor John Esposito, Click Here and Read Frontpage Magazine's September 2002 Article
I am once again publicly embarrassed that both the Office of Student Development (OSD) and Marquette University Student Government (MUSG) would use funds from our tuition payments in order to pay for Professor John Esposito, a modern-day Islamic apologist, to give a speech and push his manipulative products onto gullible college students, though I am certainly not surprised by this move especially after the Gandhi incident earlier this year.

I as much as the next man believe everyone has the right to free speech, but funds coming from our own pockets should not be paying for his lies and manipulation of the student body here at Marquette University, or any other college campus for that matter.

I realize that there are plenty of curious individuals who would like to know more about the truth behind the lies of Professor John Esposito, but seeing as how I myself am short on time to explain it all, you can read more up on the subject by visiting the National Review, Campus Watch, and The Weekly Standard for more information.