Thursday, April 7, 2005

Number Boosting – The Blogger Equivalent to Steroids

Our dear liberal “Lil Jon”, the charming individual who believed I had the perfect qualifications in which to find work within a Gestapo (which made no sense since the article of which he was responding to actually defended the Jews), sent me the following message yesterday:

Quit boosting your numbers. You act like you've received such a huge response. I sent you one menial message and you post it. My roomate Dave sends you an email and you post it. [Roommate B] sends one and you post it. Face it, this is the only response you've received. Go ahead and delete this just like any other message you've deleted on your site that contradicts your opinion. It only proves you lack the security to take the good with the bad. Something conservatives have never been able to live up to.
Can I ask as to what numbers you are referring to? Do you see a visitor tracker located anywhere on the blog page? There isn’t one, so I do not know what you mean by boosting my numbers. Seriously, you are giving your turnabout roommate and yourself way too much credit. The way you’re speaking about this e-mail exchange you would think you were the most controversial couple since the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Give me a break! And though the response to the weblog has not been significant, considering I started this site a little over a month ago with limited promotion either through the university or the rest of the blogging community, the amount of response I have received is about as much, even a little more, then I had expected from the beginning. Once again, do not flatter yourself or your roommate in believing that you two are the only internet users who discovered this weblog and have responded to the opinions I have posted here. Here’s an intriguing question for you “Lil Jon” – if I lack as much security as you claim I do in terms of accepting negative criticism, why have I been more then willing to post your negative comments onto the site and then taking the time to respond to them? The deal with you liberals is that you will never accept the response of a conservative to your left-wing bantering unless he/she lies down like a dog and admits that they were entirely wrong in their comments, and even then you still would likely kick them a few more times in the back to further establish your point.