Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Feeling the Love!

The left at Marquette University are truly going out of their way to show how my editorials are proving to be a threat to them. Another facebook message was sent to me last evening, eerily ten minutes following the time when my source concerning Mr. Guillory had sent me his message, which I have already posted.

Since I have a Western Civilization 002 movie to catch and an English 002 essay to wrap this evening, I am not even going to bother posting a comment on this. I believe the ignorance and the hypocrisy of the left speaks for itself every time they put their pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard ... you know what I mean).

The following message comes from a man named "Lil Jon" (I have no idea once again who this person is exactly but if anyone out there has information they would care to share, I would be more then happy to post it here) which came into my possession at around midnight last night:
"have you ever considered a job as gestapo?"