Thursday, March 31, 2005

Passing On A Quick Notice

Also, there are two other subjects I want to discuss in this weblog but seeing as how I have been stressed for time today (I haven't even gotten a chance to sit down since I woke up late for Theology class this morning, which, by the way, I ended up missing anyway) and I have head back to the dorm after work, eat dinner, workout over at the Rec Center (relieve that stress), head to the library and talk with someone about a personal issue, study for Anthropology, meet up with Gaspar and study for the history exam, then head back to the dorm, take a shower, and stay up a little while longer to finish cramming for the history exam, I may not get to them. Yes, a fun filled evening planned for me. The Terri Schiavo Memorial won't take more then ten minutes (posting a quick picture and a prayer for the dead), so I can get that done before I head off to sleep. The other topics on the other hand will take more time to write up and discuss and I may not get to them tonight. The first one is concerning my views on Islam, not only in this country but throughout the world, and how I am right in my belief that it is our generation's Nazism and Communism, with the historical evidence to back it up. This is a result of a discussion in my English 002 class concerning Islam in which comments that I had made were either not clarified clearly or responses were not responded to by myself immediately. And with my Viewpoint article concerning the subject of Islam and their impact on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict was published in the Marquette Tribune today, I know this will be a hot topic in the near future (I am just a lightening rod for controversy). And the other issue requires me in a small way to wait because I e-mailed Professor John McAdams about this and I wanted to wait for his response on the issue before I went about and posted something about it. Time and Stress is more of the issue then anything else at this time but I thought I would notify visitors to this blog about this because I may not have time to comment on this until either Sunday or Monday. Tomorrow I have two major exams then a haircut appointment at 3:30pm and then I am off to the local movie theater to catch Sin City, followed by staying up past two in the morning to write the review.

I hope everyone has a better evening and weekend then I am likely to encounter.