Sunday, April 3, 2005

Hate Mail Time!

In spite of the fact that the past school week was two days shorter then previous weeks, due in part to the Spring Break, it was quite possibly one of the most hectic periods I have had all second semester, if not all year. Thursday was the worst, waking up late and missing my theology class in the process (what can I expect when I stay up till two in the morning studying) then having to run around to classes before working for three hours down at the courthouse, only to return to dorm hall, eat dinner quickly and study for the rest of the evening for both Western Civilization 002 and Anthropology, both of which I had examinations in the next day. Oh, and let’s not even get into the discussion of my roommate’s friends playing an April Fool’s ‘prank’ on him which involved a bucket of water spilling all over the inside entrance of our room. The smell has to be horrible right about now, but I wouldn’t know since I am at home for the weekend. I’ll find out soon enough though when I return in a few hours. Sadly, the weekend has not been all that exciting or as laid back as that either. Mainly inside working on school work, most of which I finished but I have yet to start working on my English 002 essay, a draft needing to be completed by Tuesday and a completed copy turned in by Thursday. And that personal issue I was mulling over the past week may have been resolved in spite of the fact that I was reluctant to do so. But that’s life – sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do, but we must do so anyway because it is the right thing to do. It’s a little personal to discuss right now, perhaps another, but not now. Only I, and Sarah Kirby (a wonderful friend and relationship counselor … unofficially, of course), know what is being discussed here, so I will leave it at that.

The upcoming school week should be just as interesting, though certainly not as hectic. I may have to rush a few things this evening in order to chat with my roommate for next year in order to coordinate properly for tomorrow’s dorm room reservation, but I may actually get a chance to relax this evening and possible get to bed early as well … but I’ll will hold back my judgment until I actually step into bed at midnight tonight.

Before everything was thrown into a frenzy for the past three weekdays, I had promised to discuss a comment that was posted under the “Born and Raised by Hypocrites” entry of this weblog … though I can not recall at the moment when this was exactly. In any event, someone, not even having the courage to leave their name, posted the following under the topic:

Speaking of hypocrisy, don't you think your pro-war stance conflicts with your pro-life stance? I am pro-life, but I believe that Bush sending American soldiers to die for nothing in Iraq is immoral (not to mention the immorality of murdering innocent civilians over there). If you truly support the war, I don't understand why you don't enlist in the military. You are of the prime age to go over there and fight, aren't you? That seems like hypocrisy to me.

And is it not hypocritical of you, sir, to criticize me of lacking courage and conviction when you yourself do not have the spine to lend your name to the comment, delivering under the title of ‘Anonymous’ instead?

And why make the connection of 'hypocrisy' between conservative views on abortion and battling insurgents over in Iraq? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have linked the hypocrisy between the death penalty and abortion? Man, if this is the best the left can throw at me then they are in serious trouble … well, more so then they were … let’s just put it that they are digging themselves down deeper into a hole of their own making and leave it at that.

Clearly this person has neither read my articles concerning the Iraq War as well as the War on Terrorism (referring to the article "Koch's left-wing lie diffuses true intents of war" which was publish in the school newspaper not too long ago) nor has he ever understood that the concept of spreading freedom and democracy throughout the world is the key to the security of not only our own sovereignty, but that of the world as well.

And why is there constantly this complaint from the left that we are killing innocent civilians over in Iraq? Have civilian casualties occurred in the midst of the conflict in Iraq? Sure, I would be lying if I were to say that they were not taking place. Are we intentionally going out into the streets of Baghdad and shooting down passersby just for the fun of it? Hell, no! What liberals opposing this war (which is meaningless now given that we have won the war and Iraqis have just voted in their first election held in their native land) do not understand is that civilian casualties are a part of war. We may not like it, but these things are going to happen and in order for the greater good to occur, there are some who are going to end up in harm’s way when they shouldn’t. You want someone to blame? Instead of taking your shots automatically at the US military, try pointing the finger at Saddam Hussein for placing his country in a position where invasion was necessary, or the insurgents, who are slaughtering their own people in order to prevent freedom and opportunity from expelling them from power. And in any event, is it not hypocritical to chastise the US military forces for catching innocent civilians in the crossfire (unintentionally, of course), but when insurgents brutally cut off the heads of contract workers, the blame must once again be placed on the infidels?

And why might I ask should I be forced to joined the armed services and fight in Iraq just because I support a course of military action? If that were the case, why were you not in Baghdad serving as Saddam’s human shields before the invasion in March 2003, if you were so adamant against US military intervention? We all choose our own destiny. Mine could be as a politician, a lawyer, or something else – but simply because I chose not to enter the armed services does not disqualify me from lending my support toward or voicing my opinions in favor of military intervention in the Middle East, just as it would not disqualify you from opposing the war if you happened to be enlisted in the military (given you fulfilled your service and did not high-tail into Canada).

You may believe in your own right that what I am doing, supporting the war in Iraq (which I believe to be just and right) and voicing opposition to abortion and euthanasia at the same time, is hypocrisy (they are totally separate matters and have no distinct relation to each other as to make comparisons, but that is beside the point), but from my little corner of the universe I view that comment as a sign of desperation from the left who have run out of excuses to argue against the war in Iraq (and the amount of success it has generated) and have degenerated themselves further into form of a sniveling child not getting his/her way.

Here's some solid advice for when you decide to leave Neverland - grow up!