Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Papa Ratzi

As if the left-leaning mass media of the United States needed yet another reason to despise the recently elected Pope Benedict XVI, who is already being grilled by the news networks for his staunch conservative views on Catholic teachings not to mention the brief time he spent within the Hitler Youth movement during his childhood in Germany (strategically leaving out the word 'forced' of course), Yahoo News is reporting that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was the leading figure of the Roman Catholic Church who demanded that Bishops deny pro-abortion candidates communion, Senator John Kerry being among them.

Here we go once more. It’s the whole “moral values” argument from the 2004 presidential election all over again, only this time the media has taken a cue from Michael Moore and spliced in a conspiratorial plot twist to give off the appearance that they actually put some effort behind this. Ratzinger was merely performing his duty to enforce Catholic teachings. Catholicism has been known to have a staunch view on the concept of killing, essentially outlawing it in nearly every circumstance. Though not altogether idealistic, it is a view that even a majority of Catholics view as being unrealistic. But abortion is one area in which no debate should exist as science has proven without a doubt that life begins at conception. The left should just face facts – their candidate was an absolute dud. End of story. Hilary has set them all up like a bunch of bowling pins, waiting in anticipation to knock them down in order to become president.