Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Forget Housewives, Democrats are the Ones who are Desperate

Judging by the article that ran in this morning’s edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, you might be led to believe that the actions of County Executive Scott Walker, who will be running for the governorship of Wisconsin in 2006, in using taxpayer money to advocate for the passage of the county’s pension-bond referendum was a clear violation of interest. But further examination of the four county supervisors questioning Walker’s actions as well as the facts behind the matter, you would be surprised to discover a clear sign of political partisanship and bickering emanating from the left.

First we have Peggy West, 12th District Supervisor, who serves on the Executive Committee of the Milwaukee Democratic Party. Gerry Broderick, 3rd District Supervisor, would appear to be clear of such accusations if it were not for the fact that his wife is a teacher within the MPS educational system, a teacher-union that has vehemently opposed Scott Walker, not only in his role as county executive but also in his efforts to run for the governorship as well. Though I was unable to dig up a whole lot of information concerning Dan Devine, those within the Milwaukee County Courthouse confirmed that he was indeed a Democrat. And leading the charge in this shenanigan of course is John Weishan, 16th District Supervisor, infamously remembered for his attempt to blackmail Clear Channel Communications and force the firing of radio host Mark Belling for a comment he made nearly five months before and had apologized several times since then.

While working at the County Executive’s office as an intern, I was invited a few days ago to a press conference in which Walker directly addressed the issue concerning the pension-bond referendum and how it would be resolve without the threat to Milwaukee taxpayers of having their property-tax raised. He emphasized this point repeatedly, clearly implying to the Democrats that there was nothing that they could do that would force him to relinquish his promise to the citizens of Milwaukee County. It is truly astonishing to watch the childish bickering being conducted by the liberal members of the County Board, each clamoring for the County Executive to resolve the issue of the pension-fund while at the same time rejecting every single reasonable proposal he has placed on the table.

On the Walker for Governor blog, County Executive Scott Walker responded to the attacks made against him by John Weishan and three other liberal county-supervisors, stating:
The story today about four liberal Democrat County Board Supervisors trashing me for fighting for taxpayers is a good example of how much the liberals fear us. When we advocate for lower taxes, they go on the attack. Needless to say, we will continue to fight for ways to lower our tax burden.