Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Do Not Let the Tsar of Madison Sign Away Your Vote

This is merely a quick note to pass onto the voters of Wisconsin who are sick and tired of the loose voter registration laws which have left elections held within the state wide open to fraud and manipulation ...
Dear Friend,

This is your last chance to show your support for fair and responsible elections law in Wisconsin.

In the 2004 fall elections, more than 12,000 questionable ballots were cast, effectively canceling out the legal votes of entire cities and communities in Wisconsin. Was your vote one of them?

After surviving a long debate since its introduction on Feb. 1, the Photo ID bill has passed through the State Senate this last Wednesday with an impressive 21-12 vote. In addition to the bipartisan support in our legislators who have voiced their support, studies have shown that 70% of Wisconsin’s Municipal Clerks, and 84.3 percent of Wisconsin’s likely voters are in favor of a photo ID requirement to prevent voter fraud and identity theft.

Despite the incredible support that is being voiced from everywhere around the state, Governor Doyle still vows to veto the bill. Knowing full well that the will of Wisconsin’s voters is against him, he continues to stubbornly oppose progress.

Please tell the Governor that you want your vote to count. Sign the Photo ID petition online today before Governor Doyle signs away your vote again.