Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ain't Fonda Jane

Okay, I am going to attempt to make this post as short and sweet as is physically possible for me right now. If I end making a mistake or two, please be kind enough to point out to me. I seriously under a lot of stress right now, with several essays due within the next week. But that is to be expected as we come down to the final weeks of class for the year. Here’s a basic run down of what I need to get done within the next four days – Theology art paper on Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” and the whole controversy created by “The Da Vinci Code” (due on Tuesday), History paper on the comparisons and contrasts of different groups during WWI and II (due on Friday, April 29th), International Politics paper on Global Capitalism (due May 4th, whatever day that is – I believe it may be a Friday but I do not have a calendar right in front of me now), an English paper in letter format on voter ID legislation (due on May 3rd), and a revision of my Unit Three English paper, which was honestly a piece of (-), that is due on May 12th, the week of finals (acting of course as our exam for the course). Throw into the mix a quiz here and an eight in the morning discussion group there and I am an absolute wreck. Seriously, I will be lucky to make it to summer vacation without collapsing of an ulcer (I do not know if that is even possible – if there are any medical students out there, please inform me about this) at least once.

In any event, there were four articles recently which came to my attention and I thought post them here along with my own commentary on the subjects, albeit briefly.

The Washington Post reported a startling find, at least as far as the liberal college establishment is concerned, in which they found that supporters for Bush outranked critics. True, the percentage of college students polled in this survey (1,206 to be precise) that showed approval of President George W. Bush was rather closer to the percentage of students who disapproved of his percentage (a difference of roughly one percent, though it could be less then that), there were still six percent who were unsure of their opinion (not uncommon, but demonstrates that they had not been exactly swayed the leftist opinion of their college university) and the fact that it was even this to begin with demonstrates quite a dramatic shift in the way politics are handled within the university system today. What is of even far greater importance is that the survey showed that fifty-two percent of those students polled favored private accounts for Social Security, the plan of reform the Bush Administration has adamantly been pushing for throughout the year thus far, while forty-six percent favored investing in the stock market. The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University conducted the survey and more information about the college student poll can be found through their website.

An amusing article, though not at all surprising if you think back to whom this article is focused on, appeared on World Net Daily which reported that “legal observers” to the Minute Men project in the state of Arizona were found smoking weed. The South East Arizona Republican Club placed photographs on their website which appear to show members of the ACLU of Arizona “smoking-up” a joint. Even after visiting their website and observing the photographs, I can not exactly tell what the “legal observers” are doing. From my perspective they appear to be smoking a regular cigarette, but since I am neither a smoker nor am I a drug user, I cannot say for sure what is being conducted in the photos. If anyone else has an opinion on this, feel free to send in a comment about what you think.

Want to know my opinion about the illegal alien problem? I say we construct a gigantic concrete wall and place it exactly on the border between the United States of America and Mexico. If those wetbacks want to get into this country so badly, they will have to either do a Hell of a lot of work in order to do so or else fill out the proper paper work like everyone else. Honestly, I realize conditions within Mexico are not the best, but it is not like it’s Communist Cuba or anything like that.

Here is a disturbing article I found from the Telegraph News that I thought would be interesting fodder for those within this country who believe we should be more like Europe. I will not say much about it, the article pretty much sums up my disgust of the incident, but if this is the direction in which the Democrats want this country to head towards, we are all officially screwed. But you probably were aware of that anyway.

And lastly, ending this evening’s discussion on a rather lighthearted note, an article was sent to me via e-mail from Yahoo News which reported that a Missouri Man spat on Jane Fonda while visiting the state on a book-signing tour for her recently published memoirs, “My Life So Far”. Apparently the man, who was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct, though never formally charged with the crime by Fonda, was a Vietnam War veteran who was upset with her protests during the war, more specifically the now infamous “Hanoi Jane” photographs which showed her giving comfort to the Communist enemy. Again, the following article speaks for itself, but I thought I would pick out one line I found especially intriguing and briefly comment on it.

In regards to the disreputable photographs, the article has this to say …
She has apologized for that photo, but not for opposing the war.
Apologizing for the photograph(s) or not (though in all honesty I believe she is apologizing more for the fact that she was caught rather then the actual course of actions she partook in), there can be no excuse for the selling out of her country in the name of the Communist enemy as she did. Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution clearly states that the charge of treason falls under the category of giving aid and comfort to the enemy during a time of war, something of which Jane Fonda, having visiting the VC soldiers in Hanoi while the war was still going on, is clearly guilty of. And this of course is not even taking into account the number of United States POWs who may have died because of her treacherous propagandist acts. Seriously, what happened to the charge of treason in this country? Jane Fonda should be six feet under right now pushing up daisies after having been hung from the highest branch on the closest tree the executioner could find but instead is traveling across the country promoting a book that may not even be worth the paper it’s printed on. This is not justice, ladies and gentlemen. Not even close.