Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Where Are the Bodies?!

I have been holding out on saying this for quite some time now. I have done so in part to the sensitivity of the victims of Hurricane Katrina – Marquette University has magnanimously taken it upon themselves to accept college students displaced from their universities because of the natural disaster – and the onslaught of Hurricane Rita in Texas. But now is the time I feel for me to be blunt and upfront – Where are the bodies?! In the week following the landfall of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf coast of this country, the left-wing media estimated that as many as ten-thousand people had died in the remnants of city of New Orleans, in part to the natural disaster itself and the lack of preparation by the federal government for evacuation and rescue of victims prior to and following the hurricane. Conventional logic would suggest that once the flood waters receded there would be bodies lining the streets.

Yet here we are with the flood waters receding and displaced residents of Louisiana slowly straggling back to their homes, or what remains of them, and the death count remains around two-hundred. Did the media exaggerate the deaths in New Orleans to raise the emotions of the American public and put further pressure on the Bush Administration in the wake of this natural disaster? I would not put it past them to sink this low to be quite honest.

Even the horror stories of rape and death inside the Louisiana Superdome were exceedingly exaggerated according to the latest report from the Gulf Coast. Out of the two-hundred deaths that were reported to have occurred at the site, only six bodies have been recovered. I realize the loss of one human life is a terrible tragedy but there is a vast difference between the deaths of six in comparison to two-hundred which were reported by the media. Estimation or not, the actual count was nowhere near the reports issued by the left-wing media.

If there is to be accountability on the part of the federal and state governments in the wake of this disaster, there should be one on the media as well in their creation of a state of panic for the simple sake of ratings. Quite honestly I do not understand how these people can live with themselves.