Tuesday, September 20, 2005

MUSG Lacks a True Face

I do hope that a fair amount of the student body here at Marquette University were able to read Brandon Henak’s editorial in this morning’s edition of the Marquette Tribune, further known as our university’s premiere source of liberal dictated rhetoric, which criticized the student government of Marquette for not being intune with the true thoughts and opinions of the student body it claims to represent. I for one have no confidence whatsoever in the student government of Marquette University, a sentiment I have held since the first day I set foot on this campus. As harsh as it may sound, there is no denying that the student government of any university campus has no actual standing power in determining the goings-on of the university. They merely act as the hand puppet of the university’s administration and nothing more. Bread and games for the masses to keep them content and controlled. Ours is no different as the controversial decision over the now infamous ‘Gold’ debacle clearly indicated. I do agree entirely with what Brandon had to say in his viewpoint. I however would not hold out hope of this happening any time soon.