Sunday, September 4, 2005

Moore Accuses Bush of Race-Based Response to Katrina

Political propagandist and socialist sympathizer Michael Moore, straight from his stint at ‘celebrity fat camp’ (which in reality is nothing more then an upscale three-thousand dollar per day resort and health spa – I can just see the fat burning off him right now), has written an open-letter to President Bush labeling his response to hurricane Katrina racist. Michael Moore, calling a Republican a racist? Now there’s a surprise! How about the left-wing media lets up on blaming President Bush and starts pointing the finger of accusation on the mayor of New Orleans, who in my opinion sounds like an absolute thug, for lack of preparation before and after the hurricane hit landfall or the city board of New Orleans who vetoed a proposal to improve the maintenance of the levies protecting the city from flooding sea water? Or how about the French for building a city below sea level in the first place?