Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Call The Dark Lord Doyle With Your Thoughts on Voter Fraud!

Source: Republican Party of Wisconsin

As many of you know, we have pushed hard to pass a photo ID bill as evidence of voter fraud in Wisconsin continues to pile up.

It is disconcerting to hear Governor Doyle and state Democrats argue that voter fraud is not widespread in Wisconsin when you take a look at some facts from last year’s elections:
  • At least 278 felons illegally voted.
  • 100 cases have been found of people voting twice or using fake names and addresses.
  • Paid Democratic operatives were charged with slashing tires of 25 Republican get-out-the-vote vans on Election Day.
  • Sixteen people have been charged in connection with voter fraud and more charges are expected in the months ahead.

Unfortunately, this month Governor Doyle vetoed a photo ID requirement for the third time in two years.

In light of the problems with our elections and the widespread public support for photo ID, we thought you would find the following article of interest. As you can see, Wisconsin has a higher standard for the purchase of beer than to cast a vote.

We encourage you to call Governor Doyle’s office and tell him you are disappointed with his decision to continue vetoing measures that would weed out fraud in our election system :

Madison Office