Thursday, September 1, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

All seriousness aside for a moment (I realize there is nothing the least bit humorous about thousands of people dying in a natural disaster of epic proportions like Hurricane Katrina was, but we must learn to laugh again at some point), only the French would be stupid enough to have built a city such as New Orleans below sea level. The mayor of New Orleans was warned by the man who contracted the city that there was the possibility of permanent flooding at some point in the future, but they went ahead and built it anyway. With flood waters encompassing nearly eighty percent of the city, New Orleans should just be abandoned because it no longer makes sense to rebuild a city below city level without the threat of another hurricane or some other natural disaster raising the question of flood waters again. But, should go forward with this proposal, this raises the next question – where do you rebuild the city and where do all the refugees go in the meantime?

There are no immediate answers to those questions just yet but for the time being, if you would like to contribute to the disaster relief fund for victims of Hurricane Katrina, we at the Office of Homeland Security ask that you visit the following websites to make your donation today: