Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The MU Liberals Are Back ... About Damn Time!

As I predicted they would, three of the four liberal blogs have returned according to GOP3.com, if only a tad behind in terms of major news stories. Though I do plan on critiquing the return of two other Marquette University-based liberal weblogs some time this week, I want to take the time now to focus on Ryan Alexander’s 1832 and one of the more asinine, though there was certainly a childish quality to another one he made in that same post, he made in one of his first posts back from vacation.

On the topic of ‘Peace Mom’ Cindy Sheehan, a subject I have no doubt Ryan Alexander was positively giddy to discuss, he wrote, “The woman lost her son, who served our country, and the right, including GOP3.com, launches a dirty personal attack on her just because she doesn’t share their viewpoint on the war in Iraq. I can’t think of anything more disgusting.” Yes Ryan, let’s talk about disgusting. Don’t you find it disgusting that Sheehan is aligning herself with the likes of Neo-Nazis, who have taken a shine to her anti-Zionist approach, to support her cause? Is it not disturbing to know that she considers George W. Bush “the biggest terrorist in the world” and Osama Bin Laden, terrorist mastermind and confirmed perpetrator of the plans to attack the United States on September 11th, only an alleged one? Or how she is playing the left-wing biased media like a fiddle, brining the likes of Rev. Al Sharpton and Martin Sheen, president thankfully only in his wildest dreams (here’s hoping The West Wing gets cancelled this season), for staged publicity shots of her grief at the mock grave site, only to turn around the next minute and be smiling like she has not a care in the world? Are GOP3.com’s comments more disgusting then that? If that was not enough to satisfy you Mr. Alexander, how about the fact that she had already met with President Bush in early 2004 and was quoted as saying that he gave them “the gift of happiness, of being together” and it meant the world to her. Come back now and tell me that she is not doing this for herself. She doesn’t want the publicity, she needs it. She has become so obsessed by it that she is using the name and memory of her dead son, who by the way volunteered for military service against her wishes knowing full well that he was going to be sent to Iraq, for her own self-aggrandizing purposes. Yes, conservatives are the ones who are clearly disgusting in this debate.