Monday, August 15, 2005

Sheehan Fest, Week Two

It is not like we all were not aware of it from the beginning but it has become ever increasingly apparent over the two-week period in which she has held an anti-war vigil in the ditch outside President George W. Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch that Cindy Sheehan has officially gone off the deep end. There is nothing left to her cause to vouch for her being anything other then a mouthpiece for Michael Moore and the rest of his Kool-aid drinking, anti-war touting radical hippie cult followers. According to the Drudge Report, Sheehan has made anti-Israeli statements (nothing unusual, just that Israel is the cause of Palestinian violence because as we all know it is the Jews who are the ones actually strapping themselves with bombs and declaring that they have a bus to catch) and vowed she will not pay a penny toward her taxes unless the president acts like Jesus and raises her son from the dead. Oh, you remember, her son? The one who volunteered to serve in Iraq (‘volunteered’ being the operative word here) and died and who has emotionally spurred his mother into action, at least as far she has claimed, by protesting outside Bush’s ranch. Ignoring the fact that she was apparently not emotionally involved enough about her son’s death when she met and spoke to the president about her dead son to bring her disgust to his attention … a year ago! Not even her own family has sided with her cause, pleading instead that she stop this self-driven vendetta and come support them back home. The media has had an absolute field-day with this anti-war vigil, showing off the extensive number of people who have shown up and joined her cause. Quite honestly I am not surprised in the least. The ones camping out with Sheehan and protesting the war in Iraq are the ones without jobs, without lives, and the individuals who find it more convenient for them to leech off the French benefits of this country, specifically welfare, so is it any wonder that they have quickly pack up their hippie-vans and joined her in protest down in sunny Texas to enjoy the last few weeks of the summer season? And I say if they want to waste their time and lives on this asinine and senseless project then all power to them. Just remember – in Texas, it is dove hunting season. Yeah, I know. People shooting at defenseless and non-violent protestors, intentionally or not, is nothing to laugh at, I just found the irony in this man’s statement to be too delicious to pass up.

I will be sure to have a word or two about her editorial in the Crossroads section of Sunday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tomorrow evening, so please be patient.