Friday, August 12, 2005

Governor Doyle's Hypocrisy on Medicare

Source: Republican Party of Wisconsin

Despite Governor Jim Doyle's decision to raid funding for Medicare by $93.6 million in the state budget, leaving the state's most vulnerable citizens at risk, he attacked President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security because he said it would cut spending for Medicare.

"Governor Doyle recklessly slashed Medicare funding in order to increase aid to schools, displaying his need to pander to the powerful Wisconsin Education Association Council, also one of his biggest contributors," said Rick Graber, chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. "Then he criticizes a plan to solve the complex issue of social security because he says it means a reduction in Medicare funding. Doyle's hypocrisy is discouraging. Instead of coming up with solutions, he caters to partisan special interest groups at the expense of the poor and elderly."