Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wisconsin State Fair - Brad Paisley Concert

The Miller Lite Main Stage

A blurry Susan Haynes, who was the opening act for the concert ... sorry but I am still getting use to taking pictures with this camera

That's better! I don't know what happened to Keith Anderson (he was suppose to be the opening act, at least according to the tickets) but if anybody could fill me in about that then I would be most grateful

Susan Haynes, who I had obviously never heard of before, wasn't bad but not quite as entertaining as Keith Anderson would have been

Brad Paisley

He sang Alcohol, Celebrity, Mud on the Tires, I'm Going to Miss Her (The Fishing Song) ...

... Little Moments, Whiskey Lullaby, That's Love ...

... Easy Money, Me Neither, We Danced (two songs that were on his first album back in 1999) ...

... He Didn't Have to Be, and a song or two that I can not recall at the moment

Easily the best picture I took that evening

Needless to say it was a wonderful performance

Most, if not all, of his band members on stage are from the state of Wisconsin which I just found fascinating

Be sure to pick up Brad Paisley's new album Time Well Wasted when it hits store shelves on August 16th!