Friday, August 12, 2005

Media Has Field Day Over Sheehan Anti-War Story

The Media Research Center has collected quite a bit of information regarding how the American media has projected the Cindy Sheehan anti-war vigil story onto the public. Not surprisingly, the majority of the network news stations have touted her as a symbol of 'dissent' and questioning "why the President doesn't meet with her". In terms of media coverage, August 8th, 2005, was a high watermark day for Cindy Sheehan as her story made appearances on The TODAY Show, CNN, and all three major broadcast news stations. On August 9th, 2005, Good Morning America’s Charlie Gibson heralded his interview with Cindy Sheehan as an 'exclusive' and even brought up the subject of her 2004 meeting with the president in Seattle, Washington but failed to allude to the fact that her views of Mr. Bush and the war in Iraq have altered dramatically in a year’s time. The other networks have also failed to acknowledge this bit of information regarding Sheehan’s strange shift in opinion and furthermore have gone out of their way to isolate the plea of her family members to stop her self-aggrandizing protest which only exploits her fallen son’s name. At least Fox News Channel’s Fred Barnes has the know-how, not to mention to the spine, to see through the media’s exploitation of this woman to serve their own political agenda and declaring this woman as nothing more then a 'crackpot'.